The dinosaur shoes you were hoping for

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Dinosaur shoes on @offbeatbride

A few weeks ago I did a silly post about T-strap heels that also referenced T-rexes, and everyone was all BOO THIS POST ISN'T ACTUALLY ABOUT DINOSAUR SHOES, and I was all, wait is that a thing?

And the answer is yes, that's a thing. Behold the “Jurassic Pump” from Etsy seller Kayla Stojeck, aka ZombiePeepShow. I've written about her stuff before, and it's pretty much always amazing.

I'm not sure how much anyone could actually walk in these shoes… but if you're planning on being carried down the aisle, this could be awesome.

Available here.

Comments on The dinosaur shoes you were hoping for

  1. I absolutely love these, but with my horrible back and inability to walk in heels, these would have totally been a no-go down the aisle. Dinosaur foot slippers were the right choice for me! I’ll be damned if that wasn’t the most comfortable footwear choice I’ve ever made.

  2. I hate high heels, but I LOVE those shoes! Argh, such conflict! I’m not even a “shoe” person, but I defy anyone to not bow down to the awesomeness of that work of art – I mean, those dinosaur shoes.

  3. I loved this article! I’ve been on the hunt for just the right pair of shoes, and thanks to your article I went and took a peek at her shop. Her shoes are incredibly fierce and beautiful works of art! Now I know where to go when its time to purchase my shoes!

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