Reader round-up: Dinos, cakes, hoops, and dresses that’ll make you say WHOA!

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AJ10067-viOnce again, it's time to round-up our latest reader photos. This week we had things submitted to us via our Flickr pool and Instagram. (Did you know you can now tag us @offbeatbride on Instragram to be considered for a feature in our reader roundups?) That's exactly how Offbeat Bride reader Amelia got me to see this wedding photo with their new dino friend on their wedding day! How cute is this trio?

Let's look at MORE adorable photos of our wonderful readers…

grooms cake + petits fours
My stomach is doing flips over Sara and Ben's Zelda groom's cake. Offbeat Bride reader Sara:

Ben has a triforce tattoo and Zelda has always been his favorite game series, and his favorite dessert is a Blackout Cake… thus the groom's cake! Our colors were red and blue, which they mimicked on the flowers on the petits fours.

2013-03-16 16.15.08On the topic of cakes, remember when we featured the piñata cake idea? Ambitious Offbeat Bride reader, AnaAnaAnaAnaWhen went ahead and made one herself! I want a piece.

Bridal Party in the Pumpkin Patch
Leslie and Steve here had a photo shoot with their bridal party in the pumpkin patch where they got engaged. The location is aces, since they had a Halloween-themed wedding in late October.

Hooping Bride (Atomic Hoop)We will always have a soft spot in our hearts for hula hoops. So OF COURSE we love this photo of Leslie hooping with her Astral Atomic Hoop at her wedding. It's a fitting portrait, since she teaches hoop-dance classes.

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 4.58.48 PMCheck out this selfie from Offbeat Bride reader Sogeekgirl. She's in the midst of having her wedding dress made from scratch by Dark Garden. She tells us that her fiance designed this dress, and we can already tell it's going to be a freaking STUNNER!

Bridesmaid loveNow let's check out an amazing wedding dress in action on Offbeat Bride reader Ayla. This is an incredible photo of her with friend Lisa. Ayla's rainbow hair, the rainbow dress detail, the floral crown, with Lisa's flowing blue gown and sweet smile… holy crap I can't even deal with the OMG adorbrz that is this photo.

my girlsYou know what else is OMG adorbz? Ayla's bridesmaids barefoot in tutus. I hope we see a whole lot more of this wedding in the future. In fact, I hope we see a whole lot more of ALL of your weddings in our Flickr pool!

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  1. Is there some significance to the Blair Witch-posing dude in the background of the Halloween photo?

    • I love this photo even more now. When I first saw it I kept wishing the kid wasn’t in the shot. Then a coworker pointed out that it makes the lines in the photo more interesting to look at and I was all, “yeah — I get it!” After that I was cool with it because hey, that’s the reality of where we were. But now — BLAIR WITCH KID! I love it. Because more spookiness at a Halloween wedding is *always* welcome. <3 And now I will forever see him as ominous, creepy, Blair Witch kid.

  2. OMG!!! The “selfie” pic had me going “AAAAAHHHHH!!!! OMG OMG OMG” and flapping around like a lunatic. It is seriously amazing.

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