The perfect "Gamer Geek" wedding favor!

Updated Oct 12 2015

OBT member "Julia-Gulia" and her future husband are admitted gamer geeks. So when it came time to come up with their wedding favor they thought, "What better favor for our gamer geek wedding than personalized dice?" What better favor? None better favor. Gaze upon their geeky glory…



"We love them and we figured guests can use them in their board games at home because everyone has a Monopoly or Life game that has a missing die."

Along with these great favors, they also came up with an awesome alternative to the "clinking glasses = kiss" nonsense. "We're going to put a tag on each favor that lets them participate in a game (bringing them into our world a little ;-). Everyone at the table (8 people) has to roll the die if they want us to kiss. If 4 out of the 8 get the personalized side up, then we'll kiss. We figured that's rare enough that we'll at least get a chance to eat before someone gets it and there's no annoying tinking of glasses." Brilliant!

Want a pair of personalized dice for your wedding? Well, Julia's got the info — "For everyone who wants to know. These are from Chessex. What I was quoted was $.50 a die which is freakin' beautiful! Go under their Customer Service link and then the Contacts page and send an email."

  1. AUGH i love this so much! Oh man, I was thinking we wouldn't do favors but these are awesome. Seriously, I can barely contain myself over here. What a great idea!

  2. I'm in awe for two reasons:

    1. These dice rock.
    2. they've got their favors under control and they're not getting married till October. I'm into the 30 day countdown and I'm nowhere near done!!!

    Good work, kids!

  3. I told my dude about these and now we want to buy customized dice for everything–for our different campaign settings, as gifts for friends, and maybe we'll even steal the favor idea. For anyone who's perusing the website and doesn't own any Chessex dice, just be aware that the tiny pictures in no way do the colors/patterns justice.

    Thank you for finding these, Ms. Julia. You are a badass.

  4. We had these at our wedding and they were such a huge hit! I've always been sad b/c my husband left his in his rented tux pocket and we don't have any of our own. Glad to see others using them!

  5. i love love LOVE this!!! definitely just went to the top of the favor idea list! also love the kissing game, as we were trying to figure out ways to cut down on the annoying clinking so we could eat, mingle and in general be quasi normal. i couldn't do them so early, i don't know how i'd resist playing with them for so long before the wedding!

  6. OMFG! Love this! We both play old school D&D and so do lots of our friends so this is a great idea. And they are from Chessex, I love those guys. We buy all our dice from them when they come to Dragon Con in Atlanta every year. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  7. i keep coming back to these as perfect… and then i force myself to realize that none of our families game (or even play board games). but then… we can always do with a few more d6's around the house… but candy bars would be cheaper…

    yeah, i think you see my thought process here. but oh, i wants them…

  8. My boyfriend is a huge gamer and I thought about these. Thanks for the link! And I'm glad to see other nerd power couples geeking out their weddings! (If this is any indication, he wants his wedding ring to have the stargate symbols stamped around it.)

  9. OMG I was just talking to my guy about maybe tossing in a d20 into our favors just to hint at our nerdness! this is perfect!

  10. I LOVED this. It was exactly what my fiance and I were looking for in our wedding favors… and Chessex was awesome to work with.
    Oh, and we'll share an anniversary. 🙂

  11. I can't believe I missed this entry. We totally had dice as wedding favors at our wedding. Only, instead of going the personalized route (we wanted too many so they cost too much) we bought the assorted pounds of dice from Chessex: as well as a bunch of Crown Royal bags off of E-bay.

    We actually didn't quite have enough dice bags to give out. We counted them out so that all our gamer friends could get one, but we had cookie favors for all the normy types. We didn't realize that all the kids would LOVE the little bags of assorted dice and even started trading them amongst each other. Cutest thing ever!

  12. FH and I got customized dice in our swag bags at a gaming con we went to together. We looked at the dice, then each other, and had a EUREKA! moment. These are so so cute and the colors they come in are gorgeous! Doesn't hurt that the price is so nicely inside our budget, either! We're thinking of building a great big pyramid of them for people to take from as they leave the reception.

  13. We've just emailed the UK chessex guy about these! We're hoping to put our rune on them and then use them to play viking dice games at the reception. 🙂 Let's hope they can deliver in time – if not then we'll just go for plain dice.

  14. I LOVE this idea! I was going to do bubbles, but this is WAY cooler. I've got a dice tattoo on my lower back, so it's PERFECT!!

  15. My FH has designed a few boardgames so these are perfect for us (He's also a video game designer by day)

    I love the colour of these but can't seem to find the right one on the Chessex website. Would you point me in the right direction?

  16. I saved this post for 1/2 a year while I was trying to figure out favors etc…ended up going with Chessex and love the results. Can't wait for people to see them (two different colors that go with the wedding colors).

    Very reasonable.

    Went back to where we got engaged this weekend (gaming convention) and I saw Chessex everywhere so I smiled a lot.

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