Half-moon, cushion, sausage: Which one of these diamond shapes is your favorite?

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Custom Three Stone Aquamarine and Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Last time our longtime sponsor (and all-around fun group of humans to work with) Joseph Jewelry taught us everything we wanted to know about lab grown diamonds.

This time, we're going to talk about everything you need to know about diamond shapes.

From the popular shapes to “fancy cuts” to custom shapes that Joseph Jewelry dreamed up themselves, check these out and see which one's your favorite…

Popular ring shapes

Round diamond

Custom Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Let's start with the most popular… The round diamond can also include round brilliant, Old European Cut, Old Miners Cut, rose cut, as well as other specialty cuts. Long story short: Though it's the most popular shape, round diamonds can still be pretty unique.


Custom Two-Tone Cushion Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Aka Megan's favorite cut. It's square with rounded corners — like a pillow! Hence, “cushion.” (Little trick I learned: If you tell Joseph Jewelry that you want your round diamond to look like a cushion cut, they'll do a special prong setting that does that trick.)


Blue Topaz and Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

I like to believe they call this a “princess cut” because “square” sounds… well… too square.


Custom Marquise Diamond with Black Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Marquise diamonds are football-shaped, and super-vintage style. I happen to like them when they're set lengthwise. Like so…

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring


Custom Rose Gold and Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Straight-up oval-shaped, natch!


Custom Two-Tone Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

These are round, but with a taper, and they're quirky as all get-out.


Custom Solitaire Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring

The Radiant cut is a rectangle diamond with a brilliant cut pattern.


Custom Emerald Cut Diamond and Black Ceramic Engagement Ring

The Emerald cut is a rectangle with step cuts on each side, rising towards the top.


Custom Black and White Assher Diamond Engagement Ring

The Assher diamond is the bad-ass cousin to the emerald diamond.


Custom Baguette Diamond Wedding Band

I like to think of baguettes as little sausage diamonds, because they're long and skinny, and they're often served up as side settings to the main diamond.

Fancy shapes:


Heart Diamond Engagement Ring

You guessed it… they're heart-shaped. This cut is often best with larger diamonds, though.

Trillion (aka trilliant)

Custom Rose Gold Yellow Trillion Diamond and White Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

A very cool name for a very cool looking triangle diamond.


Custom Castle Bullet Diamond Fashion Ring

Kind of like a baguette, but it's a pentagon shape. Little known fact about these: They make for EXCELLENT castle rings.

Half Moon

Custom Diamond Engagement Ring with Half Moon diamond accents

Check out those side stones… those are half moon diamonds. They're like a round diamond cut in half.


Custom Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring with Trapezoid diamond accents

We're also checking out the side stones on this ring. Trapezoid diamonds make for great side stones.

Extra diamond shape facts

Custom Cut Antique Style Diamond Engagement Ring


  • If you're looking for a bigger shape: Marquise, oval, or pear are the best, because they are cut to maximize area of the shape. They are more shallow, so you may get a better deal for a bigger gem.
  • Different shapes are cheaper than others: Round is definitely the most expensive, proportionally.
  • Most gemstones can be cut into these common shapes, too: Sapphires, anyone?
  • You can always look into custom cut diamonds (like the one pictured above) and these can be natural or lab grown.

Whatever your favorite diamond cut, Joseph Jewelry has it, or can make it. So pick your favorite diamond shape, and start designing your own unique diamond engagement ring with it!

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