Vendor Guide Listing details: collecting your materials

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How can you get a $20k return on a $460 investment? Read our vendor listing best practices!

We’re so excited to get your business into our listing of Offbeat Vendors.

We’re ready to have you submit the details via our web form, but first make sure you read this page SUPER closely.

We want to make sure your listing is awesome, and this page will help make sure the process is smooth and fabulous.

[lede]Things you need to know[/lede]

1. Know our policies

This is your last chance to make sure you understand how our vendor listings work. We strongly recommend all listing vendors read our vendor listing FAQ thoroughly.

2. Proofread your text

As per our FAQ, the text you submit will be exactly what’s shown in your listing. Write thoughtfully and run spellcheck, because if we have to make significant changes after your listing is published, you’ll have to purchase an upgrade.

3. Size your photos for the web

Your vendor listing includes 10 photos, which we’ll collect from you via Dropbox. Size your photos for the web: they should each be no wider than 1080px, at 72dpi resolution. If you don’t have the software to resize photos, we recommend using Canva.

4. Name your photo files thoughtfully

If a user clicks on a photo in your listing, they’ll be able to see a larger version of the image — and the file name. We recommend giving your photos human-friendly names like Jane Doe Photos Cleveland Wedding Photographer.jpg instead of something like IMG2389_resize_crop.jpg. Human-friendly file names are also great for SEO.

5. Know that your lead image will display differently depending on browser size

Our website is designed to be responsive so that our guide loads well on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. This means that on our category and location pages, your lead image may appear differently on mobile browsers as opposed to desktop browsers. You can see how these cropped thumbnails look here. (Try loading that link on your phone and then compare it to your desktop computer.) For this reason, wide images are not advised as lead images — if it’s a photo of a bride & groom, their heads may get chopped off!

6. Type your answers in an external document

On the next page, you’ll find our web form with questions to answer. We recommend typing your longer answers into an external document, then pasting them into our form. We don’t want you to lose your work if something goes wonky! We love our form, but this is the internet… and things can go wrong.

YAY! Ready?

If you’re unclear on anything, email us at [email protected] BEFORE you submit your form. If you’re feeling ready, then let’s get started…

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