“Why, helloooo there” wedding heels

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Last week I featured a bunch of $40 shoes, prompting one commenter to note that they'd tried one of the styles, and they'd broken the first time she'd worn 'em. Annnnnnd, yep: I loves me some cheap shoes, but sometimes cheap shoes are, well, cheaply made. This week, I thought I'd swing the pendulum hard in the other budgetary direction and go for some designer heels.

Here's the deal with designer shoes: they're expensive. No denying. THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. But oh man, are they ever pretty, and the joy of designer wedding shoes is that they are the ultimate “buy it for your wedding; wear it over and over again” purchase. So yeah: $300 shoes aren't for everyone. $800 shoes aren't for most people. But it's free to drool, and I like drooling. Come with me as we look at some designer heels that cost more than I spent on my entire wedding outfit.

DSQUARED2 - W12A315027-44 (St Cocco Fard) - Footwear

DSQUARED2 - W12A318292-48 (Glitter Rosa) - Footwear

DSQUARED2 - W12A316317-6847 (Bordeaux/Tortora) - Footwear

Giuseppe Zanotti - I26207 (Fiamma) - Footwear

Alexander McQueen - 301264W0KY3 1075 (Black/Bone) - Footwear

Giuseppe Zanotti - E30132 (Cam Azalea) - Footwear

Cesare Paciotti - E222410 (Black/Gold) - Footwear

Alexander McQueen - 301296WAPA3 5006 (Pale Lilac) - Footwear

Giuseppe Zanotti - E36041 (Cam Pulcino) - Footwear

Giuseppe Zanotti - E30028 (Cam Mentos) - Footwear

Giuseppe Zanotti - E36052 (Faraone Salmone) - Footwear

DSQUARED2 - W12A307292-99 (Glitter Multicolor) - Footwear

DSQUARED2 - W12A313292-24 (Glitter Argento) - Footwear

Sergio Rossi - A31031 (Bronzo) - Footwear

DSQUARED2 - W12A503246 49 (SFumato Cherry) - Footwear

Paul Smith - Fontaine (Multi) - Footwear

Bottega Veneta - 302593VX720 8419 (Gold/Nero) - Footwear

DSQUARED2 - W12A215109 Pump (Nero/Bianco) - Footwear

Marc Jacobs - MJ18332 (Yellow Old West Calf) - Footwear

Sergio Rossi - A37710 (Rose) - Footwear

Stuart Weitzman Bridal & Evening Collection - Princess (Ivory Satin) - Footwear

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  1. Oooooooomg someone please buy me those fabulous paint splattery ones!

  2. I know you did a large shoe post a while back – could you do a TINY feet post? My feet won’t fit into anything bigger than a 5 1/2 and I have the most difficult time finding shoes in my size!

    • I’m taking a break from the “special needs” shoe posts for a bit — but I’ll get there eventually, promise. 🙂

  3. Ooo–I drool over those blue polka dots!! There IS something a leetle bit funny about a $420 shoe called “Cheap and Chic” , though, right?! 😉

  4. I LOVE the first pair!!! i found a pair of Harajuku Lovers, one of Gwen Stefani’s clothing and accessory lines. I can’t figure out how to post an image. It is the Kalista pump. They are exactly what I want but, I can’t find them in my size or the color. I’m afraid I won’t find anything because I am so set on these.

  5. The best thing about designer heels is when you find them on eBay. I’ll be on the look out for those black heels with the rainbow glitter!

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