A morning ceremony at the DC War Memorial

Updated Oct 12 2015

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

Natasha and Dwayne exchanged vows at the DC War Memorial on a Sunday morning. Natasha's mother and Dwayne's best friend were also in attendance. Following the ceremony, Natasha and Dwayne went to The Jefferson Memorial for some portraits. Natasha's purple details included a rhinestone necklace, brooch-accented bouquet, lavender crinoline, and rhinestone heels. Anna Kerns was there to photograph all the details on the sunny DC morning.

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com
Natasha's natural updo is gorgeous. Find more natural hair ideas here and here.

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com


We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

We're Married! www.annakerns.com

Thanks again to Anna Kerns Photography for sharing this lovely wedding with us.

Here are a few of the other vendors who made this day happen:

  1. Ohhhhh so PRETTY. I love how simple the whole thing looks, while still having so many distinct style choices.

  2. The amount of class and beauty in this wedding is mind-boggling. I love it. The purple accents and the cute dress and the happiness… I'm eating it up.

  3. WOW. I was considering the DC War Memorial for my wedding in DC, but decided not to because though we'll have only a few guests (~20) it is hard for people to come and go from that memorial. I'm rethinking things, now! Gorgeous.

      • We did the DC War memorial for our wedding a few summers ago. It turned out to be pretty accessible. Our guests who couldn't walk far were able to get dropped off on the curb along Independance Ave and the few cars were parked on West Basin Drive or Ohio Drive (the parking situation may have changed now that the MLK memorial is finished). The rest of our guests metro'd or biked. We worried it be hard walk in DC August humidity but no one complained. Now that the landscaping and cleaning are finished I bet the memorial is extra beautiful.

        • I'm concerned mainly because we're getting married APril 5th – during Cherry Blossom Festival. But after seeing these photos we decided to go for it!!!

  4. What a gorgeous couple! I love the purple accents, and I adore the short, kicky dress. Hey, if I had legs like that, I'd never cover them up!

  5. Yay for another DC War Memorial wedding, we held ours there in 2009! Or I should say we had our wedding rehearsal there before the thunderstorm started and we had to move everyone inside -a nearby bar- for the ceremony.

  6. This is so lovely, what a beautiful wedding! We're getting married there in late March. (And we're hiring a bus to take about 100 people to the memorial and then to our reception. There's almost zero parking down there now with the MLK memorial, and it's a bit of a hike to the metro.) fingers crossed for good weather and cherry blossoms!

  7. That crinoline photo is SWEET. All of these photos are so cool and pretty. Many years of happiness to this lovely couple. I love the idea of adding brooches to a floral bouquet instead of an all-brooch bouquet. I've never seen it done like that before, and I like it!

  8. This is the nicest wedding I have EVER seen. Love absolutely EVERYTHING about. Simple, stylish and elegant – stunning.

  9. Beautiful! I love it! And YAY for Trashy Diva dresses! At least half the dresses in my closet are from TD.

  10. Gorgeous!! This is my favorite memorial in DC. So pretty, but kind of tucked away and off the beaten path. What a perfect spot for a small ceremony!

  11. This is hands down the most wonderful wedding I've ever seen on this site. There's something so beautiful about its simplicity, and the contrasts in the photos between light and dark, neutral and colorful, old and new. The couple's personality just flows through these photographs. They actually brought a tear to my eye. Beautiful!

  12. So personal question for Natasha and other brides in the comments who also had their weddings at this venue: How much set up/break down time was allotted when applying? I'm currently looking over the application for this space myself and I need to figure out the time math. Thanks!

  13. Does it cost to book a wedding at DC memorial Sites. I love the idea after seeing a few pictures. I'm currently looking for an outside location for 2014 Early October wedding in the DMV area.

    • You're only allowed to get married at just 3 memorials in the District (The War Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and George Mason Memorial). You have to send in a one time $50 application fee and if approved you don't have to pay any additional money to the parks department. Just have to rent some chairs and get them to the location!

  14. The couple looks fantastic and as a fellow lover of purple, I especially love the details.

    Getting married at a WAR memorial, though? I live in DC. I've been to this memorial. It's there to honor dc natives who have fought in WWI….why overshadow such an important idea with a wedding, which, quite frankly, could be held anywhere.

    • This is a very pretty memorial. I felt the same way as I was looking for a site for a clients wedding. Learned that the brides great grandfather was a veteran and the wedding was taking place on his and his son's (the brides father) birthday. I thought it was a nice tribute to them.

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