Cat and Andrew’s sci-fi, gamer nerd wedding goodness from Whitney Lee Photography

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If you've been a reader of OBB for a while you will recognize the name Whitney Lee Photography — we've gotten so much amazing wedding porn from this Austin, Texas photography team that we've even assigned them their own tag! Well now Whitney Lee Photography is back to share Cat and Andrew's sci-fi, gamer nerd wedding goodness! And we're going to let the bride tell us about this awesome wedding. -Megan

What made your wedding offbeat: Wow, where to begin… Well, our main challenge was integrating our own nerdy interests into our wedding in ways that were clever and fun, without being so over the top as to freak out grandparents etc. Of course, none of them suspected that the piano pieces being played by our long time friend were actually arrangements of Nintendo's finest. 🙂

Little touches (like the raygun boutenniers) were also really special to us. A lot of steampunk touches made their way into our wedding, lots of jewlery and tidbits from Etsy, which was great even during the brainstorming process. Our steampunk “hero pose” photo was something we took even before planning the wedding, using costume pieces and props we constructed ourselves. And my mother was actually the one who insisted on the mini top hat, which surprised me (but in the best way).

Because we really wanted to cut loose with our friends (many of whom traveled across the country to be with us) we held a second party on the evening of the wedding day…

A friend DJ'd for us with anime and video game mixes, there was sushi, board games, and a photobooth corner with more props and costume pieces for people to dress up and pose. (A lot of costuming enthusiasts in our crowd, so this was a big hit!)

Our “guestbook” for the evening was a giant sketchpad (sort of running with our ‘Scribblenauts' theme) that our friends wrote and doodled their best wishes in. I'm keeping it *forever*.

Specially important to me was having everyone join Andrew and I in our first dance, which was a ton of fun!

What was your favorite moment: Since Andrew is a Chemist, and a big science nerd. His favorite moment (and that of many of our friends) was our special version of a candle lighting/unity ceremony. Instead of lighting candles together, we each poured a vase what looked like plain water into a large pitcher- causing an instant color change from clear to pink. Magic! (I mean… Science!) The audience gasped and applauded, and we were beaming.

I loved our cakes! We had a robo topper and worked in as many sci-fi references into the main wedding cake as possible. I was so excited about the reveal of the groom's cake, with many of Andrew's favorite game characters on the cake. Serving it to the guests reminded me of a little kid's birthday party. “Can I have the piece with Mario?” “I want Bowser!”

What was your biggest challenge: It was sort of tricky trying to plan what a lot of our family viewed as an unconventional wedding. I can't tell you how many times I was asked “So what are your colors????” only to have people utterly confused when I tried to explain that we weren't really going that route.

What's your advice to other brides: It's just a silly detail, but it's true what they say about often being so busy running around and shaking hands at a reception, you don't really get a chance to eat. I'm not gonna lie, we definitely stopped for tacos on the way from the morning reception to the hotel. (But our buddies joined us, so it was just a continuation of the festivities, right? 😀 )

Tell us about working with Whitney Lee Photography: Whitney was fantastic to work with. She made everyone (even some of my notoriously camera shy buddies) feel comfortable in front of the camera, and every photo I've seen fills me with those warm fuzzies you get of remembering a fun and amazing time.

If you would like Whitney Lee Photography to give YOU the warm fuzzies when you look back at your wedding photos, head over to the website and book 'em asap.

Enough talk show me the wedding inspo! Head over to Whitney Lee's photography blog so see more photos and even more nerdtastic details from Cat and Andrew's wedding!

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Comments on Cat and Andrew’s sci-fi, gamer nerd wedding goodness from Whitney Lee Photography

  1. Oooohh… did you use phenolphthalein and calcium hydroxide in water for your clear to pink unity science thing? <3

    • Phenolpthalein and sodium bicarbonate. (He told me to add that calcium hydroxide is more corrosive, so we didn’t want to bring that into the nice chapel…) Andrew was really worried that it wasn’t going to work, he kept testing it because if it didn’t go just right it would be “all on him”. Thankfully- it was awesome. 😀

  2. :3 I’d expect nothing else out of an Austin wedding. 8D I can’t wait till me and my boyfriend have ours.

    Also I adore that cake. D: I love that game. XD

  3. So it was you who has the Scribblenauts cake!
    I saw it on OBT a while back and just had to share it with my favourite Nintendo forum. Now I can finally add some more details. 😀

    Your whole wedding looks fantastic, I love the giant pencil, and for some reason the shot of everyone at the table with coke cans. Don’t know why but I love how random they look in with all the weddingy stuff.

  4. Memories! My father was a chemistry professor, and he’d use the color-changing-water trick to impress schoolkids whenever he did a demonstration for my elementary school. Brilliant idea!

  5. EEP! Could you please please tell me where you got the fab ray guns from? I adore these!

  6. Buildersstudio on etsy. They were just little minis, but he happily attached pinbacks to them for no charge.

  7. I haven’t ever commented on this site before, but your wedding was just too adorable NOT to!! I love every bit of it! Color me jealous!

  8. WOW! I love it! Those pictures are amazing! You will have one awesome photo album! Cakes were so cool, after party looked like a blast, the whole thing must have been so much fun!

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