Daleks, wax dragons, vow gags, and a 100-year-old newlywed

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Kennedy & Wayne's cake toppers are almost as adorable as Kennedy & Wayne themselves.

There were fun times in the Offbeat Flickr Pool and Offbeat Bride Pinterest account. Between the messages in bottles, awesome alternative desserts, Dalek cake toppers, and a Labyrinth reference, I was smitten. Here are the latest reader submissions to our Monday Montage.

Laura & Justin-3016 Vow Gag 0031 lighting flaming bananas 0010 omg we're married kiss

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Comments on Daleks, wax dragons, vow gags, and a 100-year-old newlywed

  1. Loving the message in a bottle guest book!

    The 100-year-old bride video had me crying at work!

  2. Crap, I want Labyrinth references! Now I’m gonna go through the movie and try to find something appropriate for our non-BDSM marriage, lol. My first thought was Bowie’s package, but that definitely won’t work.

    • Any of the song lyrics

      “I’ll be there for you as the world falls down”
      “Down in the underground, you’ll find someone true”

      Also, this:

  3. Oh my god, those are the most heart-warming Daleks I’ve ever seen. Officiate! Officiate!

  4. 100 year old bride and bridegroom – how sweet.

    Also finding an accessible venue, not for bride/groom, but for guests. Venues just don’t realise. We found one where the inside was flat, could have borrowed a ramp, but no accessible toilet and they’d just refitted the spa/gym area! grr

    Venu we found had a flat entrance to undercroft(where reception was) and a lift up to ceremony area, great!

  5. when I look at the monday montages on my cellphone, the mobile version of the site doesn’t load the cute little captions under each picture – it just shows the intro writing at the top and then the photos 1 below the other.
    I use an android phone (samsung transform)

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