Shieldmaidens slay with dagger bridesmaid bouquets

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 | Photography by Koontz Photography
Photos by Koontz Photography

Y'all know we loves us some alternative non-floral bouquets. Y'all know we don't think anyone has to carry a bouquet at ALL, let alone a floral bouquet. We thought we'd seen it all: brooch bouquets, book bouquets (BOOK-quets), tambourines, stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, cotton candy, pinwheels, and moreBut this is the first time we've seen dagger bridesmaid bouquets!

Melanie and Jake got married last weekend at Gin Creek in Hartsfield, GA. Here's what photographer Daniella Koontz shared with us from Melanie about her bridesmaid dagger bouquets:

So, for the bridesmaids’ daggers, I took a floral ring and used wire wrapping to add calla lilies and greenery to them. Since the groomsmen had swords, I wanted my bridesmaids to have weapons as well. Our wedding was Celtic/Elven themed, so the groomsmen are the groom’s warriors, and the bridesmaids are my shieldmaidens.

Daniella told us the dagger bridesmaid bouquets featured what's known as “real touch” calla lilies, which were super soft and realistic looking. You can see that Melanie carried a bouquet down the aisle… but then used an elven sword that they used to cut the cake! 

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