Surprise your dad with his own first look (and make us weep!)

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By now you maaay know my love for first looks. They just get me every damned time. But Danielle's take on the first look really got me right there in the ticker. She decided to have a DAD FIRST LOOK. Sure, dad might already be seeing you before the ceremony if you're going that route (and if he's there), but doing the surprise-and-turn just makes it that much more adorable. Here's what Danielle said about it:

Rob and I didn't want to have a first look; however, my dad and I did. It was great to be able to sneak up behind him and surprise him. I was very excited to show him my dress for the first time. I am the youngest of four daughters, and the last to get married. I knew he would cry and he did. It was very special to share that moment with him before everything started.

Bouncy Robot Photography

I'm not crying, you're crying! Now that we've ruined your work day, you may as well see the rest of the awesomeness of Danielle and Rob's pin-up style-meets-comic books wedding.

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  1. My dad didn’t want to see my dress ahead of time, and while other family and friends had been popping in and out of my suite all day, I hadn’t seen him yet. It was finally GO time and all of my bridesmaids and even the photographers were already gone. It was just my mom around when my dad got his first look at me – and he instantly cried and said “Why you gotta do this to me?” which of course made me tear up. It was a really sweet moment and I kind of regret that we didn’t get pictures of it, but it was also a very intimate family moment with just my two parents (who both walked me down the aisle). Highly recommend if your dad has the patience to wait! 🙂

  2. I did this too. My Dad is the typical “tough guy” and he got really weird about ‘what if I get emotional’ as the wedding got closer… so I decided to do a first look with him so that he could see me all done up, and be emotional if it happened – but in private so that other people didn’t see him or his reaction… well, aside from our photographer – but she kept scarce so that he could have his moment. I’m so glad we did this.

  3. I HIGHLY recommend doing this! We did this at our wedding in August ( ) — half by accident — and then my dad drove me to our first look photos.
    On top of the teary eyes from seeing him, it was really precious to have that small bit of alone time with him before the big day started:

    Our Dad-Daughter first look photo can be found here:

    Here I come…[email protected]/15177330031/
    Happy Hugs…[email protected]/15157309096/
    Tears are coming…[email protected]/14993781507/
    Holding it together…[email protected]/14993677800/

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