Nontraditional grooms shoes that go WAY beyond Converse

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It seems that for many grooms you have two options for footwear: you can go bland and formal, or you can wear Converse All-Stars. Now, don't get me wrong: I LOVES ME SOME CHUCKS. It's just that we've got 13 pages of grooms in Converse and not many options for grooms who might want something funky that's NOT Cons.

And so this week we take a break from women's footwear to bring you sweet-ass dude shoes. I tried to go for a range of styles — from oxfords and lace-ups to slip-ons and sneakers. There's even some blue suede shoes — and some sequins! (Fuck YEAH, grooms in sequined shoes.) That said, some of these fancy dude shoes are PRICEY…but I don't think it's fair that only the ladies are allowed to gawk at nice things, so I included the overpriced Italian options for the dudes who love to get FANCE.

John Fluevog Men's 211 Carrall St. Oxford

T.U.K. Men's A7901 Creeper

Pleaser Men's Brogue-107 Boot

Jo Ghost Men's 1111 Lace-Up

John Fluevog Men's Sendai Pointy Toe Ankle Boot

John Fluevog Men's Cbc Mens Lace-Up Shoe

Pleaser Men's Creeper-600/BN Loafer

Donald J Pliner Men's Dacio Slip-On

T.U.K. Unisex A7269 Creeper

Charles David Men's Grenade Oxford

Stacy Adams - Telford (Blue Suede) - Footwear

Pleaser Men's Creeper-400  Creeper

John Fluevog Men's Jaffa Mens Cap Toe Ankle Boot

Cole Haan Men's Air Colton Oxford


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Comments on Nontraditional grooms shoes that go WAY beyond Converse

  1. We are going to wear matching skater shoes. Same style, but mine are white and his are black. Best part – it was HIS idea!

  2. Converse are nice, but my boyfriend has always been a big fan of the Doc Martens boots. He wore a pair of blue ones with his suit for high school graduation back in the day 🙂 I have both the chucks and the 20 hole Docs and I have to say I couldn’t pick a favourite between the two for myself! He says he has since “graduated” to dress shoes but I swear there is still a soft spot for the Doc’s – especially when I brought home my 20 hole pair, and then another pair home for my sister’s Christmas present! lol we will see 😉 maybe he will go out and get another pair! These shoes are all fantastic!

    • The Boy is wearing a Utilikilt, and his Docs will go well with the high socks and black kilt. Damn.

  3. My bf wears two tone wingtips as his dress shoes. So sexy.

    No clue what he would want to wear with his kilt for the wedding.

    • Hey just FYI your guy might want to check out Sandy St. James for totally awesome gilly brouges, the authentic shoe for scotsman. Love that he rocks two tone wingtips!

      • Looks like a whole post on various ghillie brogues shoes might be the next groom shoes article!! I’ve even found a link to making your own!

  4. Love the shoe selection (can’t wait to see a guy in those blue suede shoes- they are awesome!) My hubby wore boat shoes with board shorts for our wedding, and the groomsmen had flip flops or ‘action sandals’. They were comfy, happy and looked fantastic!

  5. It was between Docs and Creepers for us. And we went with Creeper Sneakers. They look great and are super comfy!

  6. Dr M is wearing Vibram Fivefinger shoes because he loves them and wears them all the time in real life. People keep asking me if I’m going to ‘let’ him wear them to which I answer ‘I don’t have to LET him do anything – it’s his wedding too. And hell yes, they’re awesome’

    • Really? I won’t “let” my fiance wear his Five Fingers because the toes creep me out a little (and he made me buy a pair of my own! They still creep me out!)

    • My groom wore Birkenstocks. He seemed shocked when I told him he could wear sandals, but he wears them all year (winter too!). I knew there was no way he could enjoy his wedding in shoes.

  7. i dont know about anyone else but im drooling over those sexy black boots with the skull buckles. i want them for myself.

  8. My fancy is in LOVE with Fluevogs. I got him hooked after he saw a few pairs of boots and heels that I have. He looked at a bunch of stuff on the website and now has expanded his boot collection to include the magic of the Vog. Yum.

  9. We are having a Scottish/fairy wedding and my guy is wearing totally AWESOME Doc Marten gilly brouges that he found on line for just $80.

  10. My brother wore his lizard-skin cowboy boots for his wedding, but he’s a fancy shoe kind of guy. My own simple shoe preferring husband wore rented shoes from the tux place. Oh well. 🙂

  11. Mmmm, winklepickers. I could never see my man wearing them, but I do love a pair for myself and have no fear of mens shoes.

  12. HEY! I just bought my SO those plaformed white creepers for Christmas. He wanted to save them until the wedding, but they were just too cool to resist. They’re really sweet.

  13. I’m a little late to the OMG SHOES party, gentlemen’s edition, but YES. They’re all awesome. 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

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