12 pairs of darkly romantic black wedding shoes

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Jushee heart shoes

My shoe posts usually focus on shoes that are loud, or at the very least boldly colorful, or if not that, then maybe wedding-y. I almost never include shoes that are black because sometimes I worry maybe they're not bridal enough.

But today is Black Friday, so maybe that's a good excuse to go black and dark-hearted. Well, but not TOO dark-hearted. As always, this is OFFBEAT Bride, so there is some lighthearted ridiculousness like kitties, skulls, and butterflies.

black wedding shoes

Black wedding shoes on @offbeatbride

kitty pump on offbeat bride

betty page heels



black wedding heel on offbeat bride

miss mooz milan

irregular choice wedding shoes on offbeat bride

taylor says heart shoes on offbeat bride

bettie page wedding shoes on offbeat bride

PS: speaking of Black Friday shoes

Ooh, black friday specials

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