Cut your cake with an axe (but watch out for the plate!)

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Jodi and Mark A Wedding day-0213

If your wedding has historical hints, you may want to take your cake cutting to a whole new level by using a lovely wedding axe like Jodi and Mark did. If you go this route, however, be sure to take a lesson from Jodi and Mark: when you use an axe, it's easy to break the cake plate.

Jodi and Mark A Wedding day-0205

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Comments on Cut your cake with an axe (but watch out for the plate!)

  1. I love horror films, but not really putting anything into our wedding other than a machete (with, like the axe, a pretty ribbon handle) as a nod to Friday 13th films to cut our cake.

  2. My fiancé is into Medieval re-enactment and we are both LARPers, so I’m trying to convince him to cut our cake with one of his reenactment swords. 😀

  3. We did something similar at my wedding. We did a Halloween party that then turned into a surprise wedding in our living room. Kinda awesome, right?! But we cut our cake with a toy chainsaw we borrowed from my father in law who came as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre guy LOL. It made for epic pics LOL.

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