Fantastical custom wedding gowns straight from a fashion fever dream, by Azrael’s Accomplice Designs

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Ladies, gird your fashionable loins, because I'm about to introduce you to our sponsor Azrael's Accomplice Designs. Azrael's Accomplice specializes in gothic, steampunk, fantasy, and historical-inspired wedding gowns, skirts, and corsets, all created by designer Tracy Robertson.

Now let the swoon-age commence with more amazing dress styles, and the secret word that'll get you a special discount…

The fun part about Azrael's Accomplice Designs is that all of their gowns are inspired by historical or subculture fashions, and usually a mix of both. I absolutely have a lady boner over this Victorian-styled dress with a modern fit and a Steampunk aesthetic. YUM!

Say you fall in love with an Azrael's Accomplice gown, but would prefer it in a different size or color. Or let's say that you've already dreamed up your perfect corseted, historical, gothic, steampunk, or fantasy dress, but don't quite see it represented on the site.

Good news! Just ask Tracy and it shall be done.

Tracy is all about custom creating wedding dress gorgeousness…

I hand draft almost all my patterns from scratch, and I went to fashion school for special and custom sizing. I will basically bend over backwards to create the gown you want. -Tracy

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: All Offbeat Bride readers will receive a 10% discount off of your order when you use the coupon code “offbeat” at checkout!

And thus concludes my virtual shopping trip with y'all. But even more gorgeous fashionable wedding dress amazingness awaits on Azrael's Accomplice Designs website — go shop and gawk.

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Comments on Fantastical custom wedding gowns straight from a fashion fever dream, by Azrael’s Accomplice Designs

  1. Very offbeat indeed! These gowns have an almost ethereal, fairy-tale like quality; perfect for the nontraditional bride. . .

  2. My dress and the dress for my maids of awesome are both from them. Can’t best the quality or the price!

  3. I just recently received my gown from Tracy a couple of weeks ago! She was amazingly helpful, beautifully prompt (not to mention patient with this nervous bride-to-be) and the gown is better than I ever could have hoped for! I am so excited to see Azrael’s Accomplice getting this exposure!

  4. So excited to see Azrael’s Accomplice and Tracy featured. She has been awesome to work with making my dress dreams come true. I wanted to take the mock up corset home with me it fit so well. I can’t wait to get the real deal!!

    • Beautiful Color!! I totally stalked your pictures btw. Very inspiring and lovely wedding. I thought the birdcage was a merry go round at first!

    • GORGEOUS dress! Holy Crap! Did you get the whole dress from Tracy? Also, I didn’t see any photos of the sleeve/strap for the top; was it strapless? Also, you look HOT!!

  5. Haha thanks Lady Phae! Yeah I went with a non-traditional colour and it totally looked great. I received many compliments on Tracy’s skirt, it was a big hit.

  6. Aww. That coupon code appears to be invalid. I wanted to order my dress today. 🙁

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