Custom wedding songs for non-traditional brides by Jennifer Haase

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Jennifer_at_A_Bloody_Good_RecordFinding the perfect non-cheesy songs for your wedding can be a difficult task, especially finding songs that haven't been used to death. That is why Jennifer Haase (“rhymes with classy”) has come up with this unique solution to the problem — she's a singer/songwriter who takes commissions to create custom songs for special occasions. For instance, oh say like… an offbeat wedding!

I've actually been to a wedding where the bride performed a song that she wrote for her husband in leu of a first dance. It was beautiful. It was super touching. And it was something that I only wish that I had the talent to do. Thankfully, Jennifer Haase has enough talent to go around!

Clients can negotiate custom packages to fit their wedding needs…

  • Do you want just a simple demo plus lyrics so that you can perform your own wedding song your way?
  • Or a fully-produced professional recording, with full instrumentation to play while you take your first dance?
  • Do you want it all and, hey, maybe even have Jennifer come perform the song, while you walk down the aisle?

It's all affordable and do-able, and Jennifer is flexible about meeting your offbeat budgets.

Oh and have I mentioned that Jennifer can really sing?

So if you'd like someone to help you create, or record the perfect wedding song for you — exactly the song that will express exactly what you want to say. No gimmicks. No suits. No cheese (unless you're into that kinda thing). Just a girl, a guitar and a journal full notes.

Email Jennifer so she can get started on your theme song!

Update: Here's a song Jennifer wrote for one Offbeat Bride reader!

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Comments on Custom wedding songs for non-traditional brides by Jennifer Haase

  1. I have been trying to come up with a song for my wedding… but it seems I have writers block. Yay for the perfect solution. How does Jennifer feel about me lying and saying I wrote it 🙂

  2. I love these posts about offbeat vendors, but could you include where they work? What country or state? Whether or not they will work with people in other countries or states?

  3. Hey, gang! I hope it's OK that I comment on my own advertorial. This is Jennifer, the singer/songwriter mentioned above. I'm in New York and YES I work with folks from all countries, absolutely. I just was just commissioned by a UK couple to write their wedding dance song for this coming July.

    And flourish83, that made me laugh. I'll write you a song, you put your name on it and I'll never say a word. 🙂

    Thanks everybody! And thanks again MEGAN for such a wonderful write-up about me!

    Jennifer Haase

    • Do you do duets as well? My fiance wrote a song but i'm not sure if he pictured it in a womans voice. ^_^

  4. Lily, hey there. I'd be happy to do a duet. I'm open to lots of ideas, so if that or something else interests you I'd love to talk to you.

    Thank you!

    [email protected]

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