Figgie Shoes: the most FANTASTIC custom wedding shoes you’ll ever see

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Figgie Shoes became an offbeat sponsor after they were recommended to us by a reader — Naomi wrote us and said “I love this website and I thought this would be another neat way for an offbeat bride to express her quirky side!” And when we clicked over to the website, we went from OMG to OMGer as we looked through all the vibrant custom shoe porn. We just knew that all y'all were gonna love them too.

Keep peeping to not only get some MAJOR inspiration, bu find out how YOU can get your hands on a pair of custom wedding shoes. Plus, who doesn't love a custom shoe porn overload?

Figgie Shoes‘s designer Deborah offers custom, hand-painted wedding shoes, featuring personalized items — locations, dates, names, wedding themes (almost anything goes!) — to create your own shoes. Here's how the process works:

  1. Choose your wedding shoes. (Figgie Shoes will even order them for you so you don't have to pay extra for shipping.)
  2. Make a list of items, people, or places that are meaningful to you, or talk to Deborah about creating a unique pattern to set off an already glamorous pair of shoes.
  3. Now, get creative! Add a few touches that show off the glamour queen in you. Add color with ink or jewels, metallics, sequins, rhinestones — just about anything you like!
  4. Receive amazing wedding shoes.

ANY style shoe can be painted, so long as the material is not patent leather. Synthetic leather shoes are the best choice, but other fabric (satin, etc) can be painted as well. Heel height, colour of the shoe, style — totally up to you! Let's check out what some past offbeat brides have had done…

Of course someone had to rock some custom peacock shoes!
These Hello Kitty heels where for some lucky girl's 25th birthday. Who says you gotta be getting married to get Figgie Shoes?
The Doctor Who flats with the cool key design on the toe are my FAVORITE (so far)!
These are called the Strawberries and Sushi shoes. Love the colors.
These Swarovski McBlinged out heels were for a fabulous winter wedding.

Ooh and guess what — Figgie Shoes doesn't just do shoes for girls…

Your groom and groomsmen can get in on the action as well!

And so can the tiny members of your bridal party. (Insert collective awwwwwwwww here.) If you do decide to get custom shoes for your wedding party you also get a discount. In fact, there are several discounts to be had…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: There are discounts on certain international shipping, multiple orders and a standing discount for her Figgie Photography brides — contact Deborah for more info.

Bottom line — Figgie Shoes are ah-freaking-mazing. So, what will YOU come up with?

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  1. Omg. I already have my wedding shoes and my weddings only a week away so i won’t be able to get my hands on these before then but im so buying myself a christmas present this year! Love these!

  2. Oh I love these so very much! The ‘price on request’ is a little scary though… I’m always of the opinion that, if I have to ask how much they are, I can’t afford them. Would love to find out though… especially as plain white bridal shoes cost 130Euros here…

    • They’re uh…..expensive. I requested it. But if you’ve got the money it’s awesome. I just don’t have that kind of money for shoes.

  3. Love Figgie’s shoes! Personalized, creative, and customized. Anyone know what kind of paint you would use? Curious how you know it won’t run (wouldn’t want a wedding gown covered in ink/paint etc.) Presume Figgie has this covered…but…

  4. Those wedding shoes look really cool due to their graffiti design, yet they are still remain elegant because of its slender shape, thanks for providing information about this product, it was very useful.

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