519 Weddings is run by a former Offbeat Bride named Erin, and she does custom, made-to-order, invitation design that you ladies are going to DIE for. Here's how it works: after a free consultation, Erin takes your individual style ideas (could be an image, a location, or a lifestyle choice — whatever!) and creates a COMPLETELY custom package to fit your needs — that could mean RSVP, info cards, thank-yous, save-the-dates, maps, escort cards, anything else.

519 Weddings isn't about just giving you templates to pick from — Erin's fabulous services are all custom for you and you alone. Keep reading take a peek at her magic, and to take advantage of 519's special perk for Offbeat Brides!

And invite using original artwork.

Since Erin specializes in design-only, 519 Weddings gives you guys the chance to cut some costs and environmental impact by printing locally. This means she'll send you the designs, and you can make the printing magic happen on your end with your favorite local print shop. Then again, maybe the idea of dealing with a printer feels overwhelming — no worries! 519 can create full-service packages including printing (digital, letterpress, etc.) and assembly.

Travel themed wedding invitation.

By providing Erin with some of the imagery that's important to you — anything from colors, flowers, mementos, or even more abstract things such as personal style (rockabilly, steampunk, etc.,) she can craft it together into your very own one-of-a-kind stationery.

STD in the style of a concert poster.

Even if you don't have a clue what you would like as far as design concepts go, 519 Weddings will work with you and your freaky visions to make sure the end product is just exactly right. For those of you who are a little more indecisive, they offer a service that provides three mock-ups of different approaches based on what they've learned from your consultation — so you can say vintage movie poster style! No wait, sparrows! No, gah! Kawaii rainbows! Then you get to choose the version you like the best out of all three — it's sort of like having your own personal design team (a la Mad Men) working for you for $50! In fact, Erin's prices for all their services are really affordable.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: 519 Weddings will throw in the bonus of free thank-you cards (design only) when you purchase any invitation package. You're welcome. 🙂

So if you've been wanting creative and unique wedding invitations, but didn't want to use up your wedding budget for wedding-factory templates, then get tailor-made creations for less from 519 Weddings!

Oh and PS from Ariel: Erin was recently laid off from one of the last magazine design jobs in existence (seriously, if you work in publishing YOU KNOW HOW IT IS) and 519 is her first big leap into self-employment. Let's show Erin that creative self-employment is AWESOME. Because it is. GO NOW!

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