How Offbeat Bride affects a custom wedding invitation biz: a Q&A with 519 Weddings

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We introduced you to our sponsor 519 Weddings back in 2010. At the time, it was just a fledgling business, but you Offbeat Bride readers embraced 519 Weddings with open arms and helped get an awesome independent business off the ground. Now, over two years later, Erin — former Offbeat Bride-turned-founder of 519 Weddings — is back with a re-designed website and a buttload of new designs and services.

So we thought it was time to check in with her again! We're curious to know how y'all have influenced her business, what's new since 519 Weddings started, and we also ask her to hook y'all up with a special deal.

So, two years of Offbeat Bride patronage… we KNOW you've gotten to do some awesome invite projects. Let us in on a few of your faves!

Since 519 Weddings creates custom invitation design from the ground up, unique to each couple that comes to us — that means I've worked with clients with an incredible depth of tastes and styles. I've designed everything ranging from 8-bit video games invitations, to stylized dragons, to different takes on various travel themes, to requests for invites in their favorite artistic style, to new approaches to classic beach themes, and much more.

I've even have had clients ask me to create custom portraits of themselves in the style of an art-nouveau poster, and others who have asked me to re-create the scene of their proposal or wedding venue to set the tone. You name it, I can, have — and will! — do it.

That's awesome! We love our readers' range of creativity when it comes to wedding invites. Speaking of “ranges of creativity”… what's new for 519?

In addition to our completely custom services, which is obviously our specialty, we now offer a variety of “519 Selects” — customizable templates that can still offer the originality of custom design, while being affordable (because the art has already been mostly created). Our constantly-growing collection can be found on our Etsy site.

For the couples that want our custom invitation designs, we now offer a consultation form to get the ball running right away. And after I have learned everything I can from the consultation, regarding needs, wants and ideas, I work up a custom quote and we go from there.

What would you recommend to Offbeat Brides who know they want something custom, but don't have a strong idea on what design they want?

I would recommend our $50 “mockup round,” in which we create several different designs for the client who may not know exactly what they want, or who just wants to see some choices, which can be added on to any purchased custom package.

What about our readers who want your custom invitation design services, but don't have a “custom design service” budget? Is there ANY hope for them with 519 Weddings?

Yes! We still specialize in design-only services, which would save them time and money by printing and assembling themselves, but also ensures they get the chance to put their own DIY flare on their pieces!

So… no pressure or anything, because you've already presented a TON of budget-friendly options, but would you consider a special deal for Offbeat Brides?

Of course! As a special offer to Offbeat Brides, I would like to once again offer free thank-you card design with any purchased custom invitation packages of one piece or more. To claim this offer AND to get started on your 519 wedding invitations, simply head over to the consultation form and make sure to write “Offbeat Bride” in the referral section.

Thanks Erin! We can't wait to see what invitations our readers come up with this time. And to the rest of you: Get to creating, y'all!

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  1. I just wanted to say Erin was absolutely amazing and everyone LOVED the invitation suite she made (and I’m so happy to see it was one of the ones she picked for this post!). She was a joy to work with, and so talented I later also hired her to do my business card!

  2. Erin did a beautiful job with our invites, and devoted a lot of energy to working with our “vision” (tropical beach wedding, with theme to match) to create a number of options, until we had a suite that perfectly captured what we were after. She’s clearly a creative, talented artist who enjoys what she does, as well as the customers she works with. I recommend her highly.

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