Custom wedding gowns from NYC’s Angelo Lambrou

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4803-red-tulle_2They're not for the budget brides, but the custom wedding gowns from New York City's Angelo Lambrou are absolutely worth a gawk. An independent fashion designer based in NYC, Angelo creates custom gowns catered to your specifications. Working out of a cozy atelier near Tomkin's Square Park, Angelo ensures that the dress fitting experience is wonderful and comfortable.

Angelo was born in South Africa to Greek Cypriot parents, and his influence in design extends much to his roots as well as through London where he studied design.

Because creative clients are always an indie designer's favorite, Angelo is offering a 10% discount to those who mention they found him on Offbeat Bride. (Since his custom wedding dresses range from $1700-$5000, 10% off is a big boon!)

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Comments on Custom wedding gowns from NYC’s Angelo Lambrou

  1. I LOVE the wedding dress collection. Gorgeous. I actually really like the simple, drape-y ones.

  2. Hey ladies, I’ve had to edit some comments… let’s just keep the talk focused on the fabulous gowns. And I’ll also be open to talking about how cool that brown veil is. 😉

  3. Yay! Although I am a budget bride, and I love that the majority of OBB stuff targets my budget audience compared to most bridal mags/blogs, I still think these dresses are great! A lot of them have that natural lines vibe mixed with modern elegance…. very cool!

  4. I like these. I could never afford it but I particularly like the dresses with the cross-hatching drapes in the front torso on a few of them.

  5. I got married last year at The Inn at Erlowest in Lake George, NY and had myself and all of my bridesmaids in these dresses. They actually saved some pictures of the wedding and me and my bridesmaids in the dresses on their website: It was awesome.

  6. I absolutely LOVE Angelo~ He is designing my wedding dress as I write this. The consultation was fun and inspiring. It’s my second marriage and I wanted something different. Boy is it going to be different!!
    I like that I am supporting a small business and an artist, vs. shopping at a giant store where its about the $$ and not the service. I feel taken care of and very special with Angelo!!

  7. Wow! Nice wedding gowns that is really good to consider in my search of a wedding gown for my wedding after dating my man for 2 years.


  8. curious if this 10% offer is still good at his NYC salon? I have an appt in June…

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