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jenn reynolds fav 500 pix bigNationally award winning designer, Joi of Dress Forms Design Studio, LLC creates one-of-a-kind unique wedding gowns and apparel for any kind of special event.

Though most of you have already fallen head-over-funky-heals in love with Joi and Dress Forms Design Studio without even realizing it when you saw Megan, aka. Princess Lasertron, in her original polka dotted wedding gown.

All of her dresses are custom made to not only to perfectly fit your body (based on custom measurements), but she also designs them to fit your unique personality as well (because Joi is a freaking genius like that).

And in “exciting news!” news: Joi is designing the Princess Lasertron collection that will debut next summer. And we have the adorable picture to prove it:

Lasertron and Dress Form Design, and unstoppable combo!
Lasertron + Dress Form Design = fashion magic!

Joi's goal is to open up options that her clients did not know existed when looking for the perfect wedding dress design. And she literally makes each design a work of art. And along with a fabulous work of art, Joi also has a special deal to offer her Offbeat Brides, so keep reading to check it out.

sarah lorsung close up

Recently Joi became the winner of Passion for Fashion, a Project Runway-like live design event. She beat out twelve other designers selected from around the country with this fabulous creation…

Dress Forms PFF 500 Pixel
Joi calls this "the pink window pane, dots and pinstripe gown."

And now Dress Forms Design Studio offers organic designs made from 100% certified organic cotton…

pink organic banner

I know, I know, I had you at “Princess Lasertron dress” didn't I? And that was even before I mentioned the custom fittings and the organic fabrics. But then Joi had to go and throw this in:

Offbeat Discount: In the month of December any offbeat bride that books a gown will recieve a free custom veil in any color you can think of.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Dress Forms Design Studio and have Joi whip up the amazing wedding dress of your amazing wedding dreams. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Comments on Incredible custom wedding dresses from Dress Forms Design Studio

  1. I've been in love with Joi's stuff ever since I first saw Princess Lasertron's wedding dress last year … so excited that they're working together on a line!!

  2. She made me the perfect Hallowedding dress (black with a big hand-made purple spider web on the back!) stunning! the corset details are fabulous and the structure couldn't have been better to hold up my ample bosom. She also made my husband's turn-of-the-century men's coat, vest, and ascot. We don't live anywhere near her and it was easy communicating, getting fitted (via someone local), mailing the muslin, and getting the pieces perfect! The details are beautiful, and they are exceptionally well made. (Joi will have pics on her site soon!) She really listened to what we wanted and helped us brainstorm to make it PERFECTLY US!

  3. I can't even begin to describe how great of an experience it was to work with Joi (I'm the one with the understated (haha!) red flowers in my hair above). She helped me refine and mold my ideas and vintage inspirations into a fabulous celebration that all revolved around my dress and accessories. She even ordered the gloves for me!
    Gah! Could her work be anymore perfect?

  4. It's only slightly amazing that she's based in my home state, Iowa… "Wait, what Mom? Did I have other reasons for this visit?? No, no, of course not! The ONLY reason I flew home was to see you. Now let's visit Grandma in Sioux City. We might have to make a detour once we get there."

  5. Joi is amazing to work with – we were looking for someone to make a historically inspired dress and suit with modern twists and chose her (on her site, we are the ones "Married in France"). Her energy was amazing and she really helped me fish out my perfect gown from all the different photos of dresses I had been collecting. We live several states away and never met her in person but the end results were fabulous! She sent us lots of sketches and fabric samples and we talked on the phone as long as I needed to to make sure it was what we wanted. Plus, she really worked hard with my budget to not cut corners but still give us the perfect attire. I would recommend her to everyone! 😀

  6. Shanks you guys! I am blushing! I have the best brides and we have so much fun working on the designs. I just want to answer one question I have been getting. I do REAL custom clothing. I take extensive measurements and create a one of a kind custom draft that you are then fitted to. I explain more to those that inquire as I want to keep this neutral. So many companies say "custom" and the are NOT! They simply add or subtract length or width- that is not custom. I also create for bride's located anywhere. About 75% of my brides I never see in person and it works well. Thanks a bunch everyone. I LOVE offbeat brides!

  7. I love the dresses. They are like from the old ages. Vintage feel. It is like what I see in epic movies. Such dresses are now the in thing today, I suppose.

  8. I cna attest to how wonderful it was working with Joi. She made all of my visits really fun, and she created my gorgeous dress superfast! ( I am the one pictured walking down the stairs!) I had been on the hunt for a polka dot wedding gown, and just couldn't find one that worked for me. I eventually stumbled across Princess Lasertron's blog and of course thought her dress was adorable! It all started from there. I contacted Joi, and she was very helpful, and we really designed the perfect dress for me! Feel free to check out my photostream on flickr to see more pictures of my great dress!

  9. I LOVE the white dress with roses in her hair – and I don't normally even like white dresses! Wish I was getting married twice so I could get myself one of these 🙂

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