Custom wedding corsets to blow your mind from Starkers! Corsetry

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Despite the fact that I spend most days in layered comfort-wear, I looooved getting married in a corset. It provided structure to my otherwise-casual outfit, shaped my curves like POW!, and even helped with my wedding-day posture. Wearing a corset made me not just look like a bazillion bucks, but physically FEEL different … like a super hero version of myself.

That said, my wedding corset was not from Starkers! Corsetry, and for that I'll always be a little bit sad. Don't get me wrong: my wedding corset was lovely. But having just procured my first corset from Starkers, I now understand what a corset should be. Because holy shit, Starkers quality kinda sets the bar…

So first, some background: Starkers bridal corsetry work is 100% custom — they work with your exact design specifications and measurements, so you can be sure that it's going to fit like a second skin.

Starkers! Corsetry detailsWhether you want black lace, polka dot, red silk or traditional ivory, Starkers works with you to create a look that is unique to your vision, and fits perfectly. And naturally they work with a full range of bodies and shapes — not just from plus size to petite, but heck: they even make corsets for men. Pear, apple, marshmallow, toothpick: whatever your body type, they are going to work its magic and accentuate your gorgeousnayss.

That said, I was a bit dubious about a corset ordered online fitting correctly. Starkers founder, Dianna Noble, provided super explicit straightforward measurement instructions to follow. I emailed a big long list of numbers, held my breath, and a few weeks later I received a purple brocaded corset that pretty much splattered my brains across the wall.

The fit is impeccable — as if Dianna had been in the room with me when she made it.

Starkers! doesn't just do corsets — they craft these amazing corset gowns. The two piece ensembles give you maximum flexibility and re-wearable-ness while also matching seamlessly, with the corsets and clothing using the same fabric. I mean, seriously:

Of course, if you've already got an off-the-rack gown, then a custom corset can be an excellent foundation garment for underneath, providing waist and hip shaping, and strapless boob support. Add some garters and it can double as sexy honeymoon lingerie! (“This corset is gorgeous,” I said to Andreas. “But, when am I ever going to get to wear it?” He answered, “Uh, you can wear it for me.” Oh, I see. Well, then.)

I can say, after pouring over my corset's seams, boning, and construction that Starkers really takes the time to draft your pattern and construct one-of-a-kind corsets. Dianna's been making corsets in Toronto for seventeen years, so she's got this shit down to a science.

And considering the quality and custom-ness, the prices are totally reasonable: fully custom made to measure and custom-designed corset based gowns range from $660 to $1000. Oh and? Offbeat Brides get a discount:

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So, if you're ready to feel like a super hero version of yourself on your wedding day, head over to Stakers! Corsetry and start envisioning your ensemble….

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Comments on Custom wedding corsets to blow your mind from Starkers! Corsetry

  1. I got my corset for my wedding from Starkers! and Dianna was fantastic to work with and my corset is GORGEOUS. It is beautiful and is a very substantial garment. It is thick, and heavy, and well put together, and will LAST through the years. I plan to wear it again to other events in the future. It feels like a hug, it is so perfectly fitted to my figure. Mine’s a lovely bronze with blue ribbons and I love it.

  2. If only I had known about them before I got hitched… that red wedding dress was my DREAM wedding dress that I couldn’t find anywhere and thus thought it only existed in my imagination.

  3. Oh I would have loved that black lace dress but in white (I was a white bride. Hear me roar!). Hmmm what other occasion could I buy a ridiculously expensive dress for…

  4. That last dress! Swoon! :O

    I can’t wait to have my corset made for underneath my dress. I’m going with whoever is making my dress, and I want to have fittings with whoever’s doing that, so it won’t be Starkers. But I definitely am excited for my custom corset.

  5. I think you’ve helped my articulate why I love corsets so much.

    That being said yay for corset love! All these corsets looks divine!

  6. Hey, there’s my wedding corset 🙂 (the one with the brown laces)
    I absolutely loved my corset– and even though everything was done through e-mail consultations, everything fit like a glove. Dianna was a pleasure to work with and she really went out of her way to make sure my dress was everything I hoped for and more! I’ve never received more compliments in my life…and even when my husband brought photos to work, people I never even met raved about my dress.

  7. I do believe I’m ordering from Dianna! We’ve been emailing back and forth for about a month. I’m excited but I’m scared at the same time. Her work just gorgeous!

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