This couple created some epic art with their unity ceremony

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Custom unity ceremony sculpture as seen on @offbeatbride #unityceremony
Adorable Up-themed wedding | Photos by Harmony Hildebrand
Unity in Glass is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Selena and Stephen had the most super duper adorable Disney/Pixar's Up-themed wedding featuring hot air balloon glowing centerpieces, rainbow balloon cake, grape soda boutonnieres, Carl and Ellie-style mailbox card box, balloon thumbprint guest book print, and balloon shots galore. It made our LIFE. But what really got us in the feels was when they showed us the spoils of their unique and creative unity ceremony: a custom-made unity ceremony sculpture by one of our favorite vendors, Unity in Glass.

Let's talk about what they created with their unity ceremony and how you can snag a stunning custom unity ceremony sculpture of your own.

Custom unity ceremony sculpture as seen on @offbeatbride #unityceremony

Selena and Stephen chose their colored glass to match their already colorful wedding. Reds, oranges, yellows, blues, teals, etc. You can actually choose eight or more colors!

Unity in Glass shipped them the crystals to combine at their ceremony, in lieu of a sand or candle ceremony or similar.

Custom unity ceremony sculpture as seen on @offbeatbride #unityceremony

The pair combined their colors, sent it back to Unity in Glass, and were sent their totally original, custom unity ceremony sculpture to keep in their home forever. It will be a stunning reminder of what they created together at their ceremony. Swoon, right?

Gah, these two are made of cute…

Custom unity ceremony sculpture as seen on @offbeatbride #unityceremony

Selena gave us a little insight into the unity ceremony and the process:

We knew we wanted to do something more than just vows, but really struggled to find a unity ceremony we liked. Most ceremonies we looked at involved creating something temporary or basically useless after the ceremony. The Unity in Glass ceremony was awesome because it involved bright colors (which we love), a ceremony of combining two into one, and something permanent that we can display in our home. Unity in Glass even offered suggested beautiful wording that we could incorporate into our ceremony to explain to guests.

Working with Unity in Glass was super easy. They explained the whole process and sent all the materials we needed to get our crystals, combine them, and ship them back. When they shipped back the finished piece they also sent back our unused crystals so we can display those, too! I really like that they kept some of our glass in their studios so if we want to order ornaments for our parents or another piece as an anniversary present we totally can.

The permanence is what really makes this ceremony so special for us. We have a physical symbol of our relationship that we get to look at every day and can be passed down in our family someday. Plus it's so gorgeous, who wouldn't want a personalized piece of art in their home?

Custom unity ceremony sculpture as seen on @offbeatbride #unityceremony

Want to see the final result?!

Selena sent us photos of their creation from Unity in Glass and we couldn't be more into it. Take a look…

Custom unity ceremony sculpture as seen on @offbeatbride #unityceremony
Photo by the bride, Selena | sculpture by Unity in Glass
Custom unity ceremony sculpture as seen on @offbeatbride #unityceremony
Photo by the bride, Selena | sculpture by Unity in Glass

How you can snag your own creation

  • You select what you'd ultimately like to have made from your unity ceremony — a glass sculpture, vase, or bowl
  • Select the colors you want — they recommend at least three, but you can choose eight or more
  • Unity in Glass will ship the glass crystals to you in individual packets
  • You combine the crystals in whatever way makes sense for you and your ceremony, most likely sand ceremony-style
  • You'll ship the newly mixed glass crystal color mixture back to the artists at Unity in Glass so they can work their creative magic with your custom ceremony fodder
  • Unlike a candle or sand, Unity in Glass can also make additional items (ornaments, paperweights, other items you can pull from your imagination) from the remaining glass crystals for gifts to parents, children, or close friends
Custom unity ceremony sculpture as seen on @offbeatbride #unityceremony
Glass fluted bowl, a creation by Unity in Glass

Unity in Glass also has an international site for French and Spanish speakers! Check it out here. Go check out the offerings from Unity in Glass and you too can rock a unity ceremony as well as Selena and Stephen did.

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  1. That is completely AMAZEBALLS!! I love it!

    Not to mention you two are utterly adorable! Loving that dress! 😀

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