Wedding Paperie lets you create your own kick-ass themed wedding invitations

Updated Sep 11 2018
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Looking for wedding invitations that'll make you salivate upon sight? Maybe you're looking for the right wedding invitation to match your wedding theme? You're super into the ombre look? Wanna go to chalkboard heaven? Or do you guys dig the vintage vibe? Or perhaps you're drowning in heteronormative invitations and can't find the right invitation for your same-sex wedding?

Our sponsor Wedding Paperie has anticipated all of your wedding invitations desires and has got you covered from every angle…


Let's start with Save the Dates. Choose one of Wedding Paperie's offbeat-friendly Save The Date Cards designs and easily customize the hell out of it with your own messages, photos, and style. Designing your one-of-a-kind Save The Date cards or magnets on Wedding Paperie is ridonkuloulsy easy.

wedding_paperie_invitation_halloweenWhether you are looking for a destination wedding theme, rustic wedding invites, or the perfect invite for your Halloween wedding, Wedding Paperie has an eclectic collection of themed invitations to choose from. Of course, then you can customize the hell out of it!

wedding_paperie_invitation_gayWedding Paperie has a super-adorable collection of gay-friendly wedding invitations. No more thinking "that invite would have been perfect if it had two brides. Harrumph." Harrumph is not a sound you shall utter while perusing Wedding Paperie's wares.

wedding_paperie_weddinginvitationPerhaps what makes Wedding Paperie so spectacularly perfect for our little Offbeatlings is that, if they don't see your perfectly-themed wedding invitation on the site, they give you the chance to whip up your own custom invitation from scratch. Oh, if you're worried about prices and budgeting — get this — Wedding Paperie also has a special site for budget wedding invitations.

Though no matter which website, theme, design, or options you choose, your Wedding Paperie invitations are going to kick some major wedding ass. Go ahead, start creating your kick-ass wedding invitation right now!

    • I know when you view the detail, the invite runs on Flash player, in case that's the problem. I'll check with them to see what else it might be.

  1. I love these! Out of curiosity, what is the difference between the "cheap" shop and the regular shop? I had already been drooling over the invites on the main page and playing around with customization before I came back to this post to see the link to the budget site. It looks like there are a lot of the same designs on both sites (but at different prices?).

    • Hi Ashlee,

      Invite Shop is our sister site and is geared towards our customers who are looking for a simpler service and who are on a tight budget. Wedding Paperie is more full service and has many features that are not available on Invite Shop such as:
      -Designer review of your order to check for errors and photo quality
      -Envelope and address label printing
      -Many different card styles and types and more selection (folded cards, multifold, circle, that skull heart shaped card that has everyone drooling)
      -faster standard processing times

      The quality, printing type and paper options are similar for both services.

      Brittany @ Wedding Paperie

  2. LOVE the pirate one! I looked at it on the website and every page has cute little details that are all pirate-y. How fun! We were thinking about a theme for our fall wedding next year….

  3. PIRATE WEDDING INVITES!?!?! I am so checking these guys out right now, how did offbeat know I was just looking at invitation ideas today?

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