Unconventional wedding rings with sweet symbolism from Bilingual Design

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Fiona's gorgeous Bilingual rings. Photo by Francesco Cicconi & Andrea Panzironi of Trimages

Remember Fiona & Rob's Brideshead Revisited meets Roman Holiday wedding? If you do remember that wedding, you DEFINITELY noticed Fiona's amazing “paper plane” rings — they were like no wedding bands I've ever seen. I'm delighted to say that Bilingual Design, the Australian jewelry maker behind those rings, is now one of our sponsors!

If y'all are looking for unique wedding/commitment rings or engagement bands, then you'll wanna learn more about Bilingual, as they offer custom ring design, as well as their signature Bilingual Wedding collection that'll be sure to grab your attention with their sweet symbolism and clever design.

Let's gawk, shall we?

Bilingual's most popular wedding band design is the awesome Momento ring. It's a simple round band that has your wedding date embossed internally in Roman numerals — a subtle design secret for the two of you to share.

What's not-so-secret about these rings is that Bilingual works with all types of metals and, therefore, all types of budgets. It's completely possible to get unconventional wedding bands without blowing your bank account.

The Facet ring symbolises the many sides to a relationship. (Damn, I just love jewelry with meaning!)

And as you can probably tell by now, Bilingual's wedding rings are totally unisex, enabling y'all to rock matching rings but not have to compromise on style.

The union ring “represents the symbolic nature of the union between two people.” And although it's shape is a-typical, it's still comfortable to wear.

Speaking of a-typical shapes — you have GOT to check out more of their ring designs — my favorite is this interlocking set, but these alphabet rings have definitely earned a special mention.

Oh, but didn't I mention custom designs!?

Bilingual offers a custom ring design service that involves their jewelry designer, Marta Niegowska, working with your wedding ring ideas and then developing some designs that suit your aesthetics and budget.

Bilingual Design invites all your requests — ranging from simple bands to intricate designs, from platinum to silver wedding rings. So hit 'em up and see what they design for you!

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