Duchess Clothier: Incredible custom suits in Portland & San Francisco

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It's a good time to be an offbeat groom (or dapper bride), my friends. In the past couple weeks we've introduced you to ties that don't suck and boutonnieres with mega personality. And now, thanks to Duchess Clothier, groom outfits have gone from “which rental suit would you like?” to almost as many styles and variations as there are wedding dress options. (…As it should be!)

Duchess Clothier, with locations in both Portland and San Francisco, was the preferred vendor of several previous offbeat couples before they ever became an official sponsor. But this was a match just waiting to happen for us all!

That three piece suit of pure sex you see pictured to the left? That's just a HINT of the awesome to be found from Duchess. So, suit-loving fashion hounds anywhere along the gender spectrum, listen up: if you're finding it difficult to get your hands on a suit that makes you feel like a badass on your wedding day, you are going to FREAK OUT over this post. Seriously. Get your inspiration trigger finger ready.

Oh, and if you're feeling sad that you don't live in Portland or San Fransisco, don't fret yet! You might still have a chance to get a piece of the Duchess action. Keep reading…

What you get from Duchess Clothier

Duchess Clothier creates super badass custom suits, shirts, and separates. All Duchess Fine Custom suits include all of the bells and whistles one might want in a fine suit, including:

  • The option to further customize any of their existing styles by changing or adding design details to your taste.
  • Extensive fabric choices for outer and lining fabrics — quality wools, linens, cottons, and silks.
  • Full floating canvas construction, in which the internal canvas is sewn specially to wear and fit the best.
  • Your choice of monogram inside the jacket.
  • Functional cuff buttons on the jacket sleeves.
  • Signature hand-stitched lapels and pocket flaps.

Okay, yes, clearly Duchess Clothier makes smokin' hot suits. Now how do you get one!?

  1. Give 'em an idea of what you might be interested in by filling out their Inquiry Survey.
  2. They schedule an appointment for you to come see them, either at their flagship Portland storefront or their new San Francisco location.
  3. When your appointment day has arrived, one of their sartorially superior and easy-of-manner Ladies of Duchess will sit down with you to figure out exactly what you are looking for — talk style, choose fabrics, and take your measurements. (They do request a 60% deposit toward your custom garments at this time.)
  4. Your garments are constructed and, after one or two more fittings, you walk out of their store looking like a million freaking bucks.

Not in Portland or the Bay Area but want to go custom with Duchess?

Are you anywhere near LA or New York? The Ladies of Duchess have a trip booked to meet clients in LA from April 27-29th, 2012, and they're taking appointments. They'll also be in NYC at the end of June 2012 for you East Coasters!

Wanna see more hot suit porn?

#9 in Navy Flannel Pinstripe

Black Tone on Tone Wool Frank

Midnight Velvet Carnaby

Slick Black TuxedoDidn't we say Duchess suits look smokin' hot on non-dudes?

Bold Striped Atticus Lègèr


NOW are you ready for your own fine custom suit?

Book your appointment with Duchess Clothiers and use your wedding as an excuse to get the outfit of your dreams! I'd suggest you call them right now at 503-281-6648, ‘cuz after this post… they might be extremely busy.

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  1. Gawd these are amazing. Also, thanks for the nod to us non-dudes, and thanks to Duchess for having a SPECIAL ALBUM JUST FOR US. Love it.

    • We’re talking to the ladies at Duchess about doing regular guestposts cuz seriously: I CANNOT STOP GAWKING.

  2. Wow! Might have to honeymoon over to San Fran before the wedding… Is there any chance at all of setting up shop in Melbourne Australia in the next couple of months? Pleeeease?

  3. Oh please please please can we find somewhere as awesome in the UK? I would die of happiness if I could get my boy in one of these!

  4. I absolutely agree with Pixie above – I’d love somewhere that sold suits this delicious on this side of the pond – these are SMOKIN.

  5. I absolutely love…. I just wish they were on the East Coast. FH really wants a unique suit, but they are impossible to find.

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