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The Little Bouquet Shop specializes in unusual and custom-designed and darkly sophisticated silk bouquets. No idea is too over the top for these sponsors — their tag line is “The perfect bouquet for your sense of style… Your mother's worst nightmare.” In fact, most of the bouquets on the site started out as an original custom piece for one of their brides.

Come have a gander at some of their awesome offbeat bouquet stylings with me, won't you? My favorite part are their (often geeky!) names…

This bouquet arrangement is called The Corpse Bride. I know you Tim Burton-loving brides are gonna flip over that. Not to mention the perfect matching boutonniere. In fact, Little Bouquet Shop's entire goth section just trips me out with its fabulousness.

This one is called The Shire! I know, right!? It makes me want to get re-married with a bad ass Lord of the Ring theme. Sigh. It's part of the Renaissance bridal bouquet collection.

The Little Bouquet Shop also has a section devoted to bouquets perfect for your destination wedding, including the gorgeous peacock number above, and even a bouquet made of shells for a beach wedding! And, since these babies are silk, you can pack them in your bag and GO!

So, if you've seen anything that you like in this post (perhaps The Countess here) but mayyyybe it'd be perfect in another color, or slightly smaller, or something completely different — all you have to do is contact the Little Bouquet Shop and it's yours. They also have an unbelievable satisfaction guarantee: they believe that y'all shouldn't assume any risk when working with Little Bouquet Shop so, if you don't like what you ordered, they'll take it back — it's that simple. They'll even pay the return shipping!

Speaking of shipping: all orders over $50 also ship for free. So there's basically NO risk and ALL awesome… so head over to Little Bouquet Shop and get your custom bouquet on!

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  1. Audrey Two might be my favorite but you had me at “entire Goth collection” – really inspired work, eternal and undying – wait, Goth Glory might be my favorite…

  2. I came across this shop a few days ago, and instantly fell in love. Once I finally decide which one I love, I’ll be ordering,

  3. I’m loving the alternative feel these bouquets have — who says a wedding can’t be dark?

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