OBT member jennylynne just shared with us her custom Sharpie wedding favors and I was all, yes! Awesome idea!

“We wanted to get something for the small group coming to the ceremony. Sharpies are great because who DOESN'T want a frickin' SHARPIE? … I wanted something that people will actually use. At least until it runs out, anyway.”

Jenny got these custom pens here, where you can get cool fonts but a limited selection of logos. Or you could go here to get them printed with your custom wedding logo!

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Comments on Custom Sharpie favors

  1. Oh wow. Scott and I both work in theater/corporate events. Half of our guest are stage hands (always looking for Sharpies). These are perfect, thank you for sharing this!!!

  2. I checked the links for the sharpie.. they are not available for personalized pens but to check back with them in November. This is a great idea for favors for just about any party too.

  3. Awesome, especially for the “guestbook” my Fiancee and I have. Nice size cartoon drawing of us that we want our guest to “graffiti”

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