Ethically sourced custom-made sapphire rings from Brilliant Earth

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Brilliant Earth — Oh how I love thee. Ariel’s already written (hell, practically gushed) about their conflict-free diamonds so allow me to gush about their ethically-sourced sapphires

Sapphire rings are one of my favorite alternatives to traditional diamond rings and Brilliant Earth has some ridiculously stunning engagement rings and wedding bands. I mean, check out that beauty in the picture. I’m about to conveniently “lose” my current ring just to have excuse to get my hands on that baby. That way Ariel can stop teasing me with her very own Brilliant Earth sapphire ring. That bitch. [Editor’s note: Oh Meeeegan! My bezel-set sapphire is twinkling at me right now! La la la! Kissies, Ariel]

Feast your face on their custom design gallery to see more pictures of my favorite ring and other equally incredible designs.

OR, even better, head over to their site and create your own custom ring using sapphires or their ethically-sourced diamonds and have yourself a merry little engagement. Or do it just for fun, like I do.

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  1. The ring in that picture makes me pant.
    But let's not forget another great aspect of Brilliant Earth–their gold is recycled/responsibly gotted! Yay!

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