Here's why rose gold rings are becoming our OBSESSION

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reasons why rose gold rings are stealing our hearts
Just one of a ton of rose gold engagement rings to customize

If you've been on the hunt for an engagement ring or wedding bands, you may have noticed how wildly popular rose gold rings have become. Rose gold has been gaining popularity for some time now and I'm pretty sure they've entered the pantheon of classics. And we couldn't be MORE into it. I love me some silver and gold tones, but I just find that rose gold looks fabulous with all skin tones. It's warm, flattering, and looks amazing mixed with other metal colors (like this two-tone beauty!).

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I decided to do some digging into one of my favorite places to ogle the jewelry goods, our loooongtime jewelry vendor pals, Joseph Jewelry. You can never go wrong when you're online shopping with artisans who custom create designs where you can literally create ANYTHING you can dream up. See a ring you like but want a different stone, different metal, different size? Have an idea for a fire and ice Game of Thrones-inspired ring? Joseph Jewelry can turn anything you can imagine into a real creation.

But I digress, you're here to see some rings, right? These are some GORGEOUS examples of rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands, but don't forget that any of their rings can be made with rose gold or a a mix of metals. Seriously, anything you want! I'm officially a kid in a candy store. Made of jewels. That give me all the good chills. Let's see them!

reasons why rose gold rings are stealing our hearts

What I adore about this one is the rose gold tie-in between the engagement ring and the wedding band. They're both unique, but have a unifying link. Symbolism!

reasons why rose gold rings are stealing our hearts

Give me ALL the angular, hammered, brushed, matte, and geometric-inspired styles.

reasons why rose gold rings are stealing our hearts

Oh, and the biggest plus to a rose gold ring is that they pair super well with all kinds of gemstone colors. Pink is an obvious choice, but yellow, peach, purple, and especially blue (complementary colors FTW!) are such wins. This blue-green sapphire is particularly stunning. If you really want to pick a gorgeous rose gold tone for a blue ring, note that 18k rose gold is more red-orange because it has more yellow gold content, whereas 14k is more pink in tone. The more you know!

reasons why rose gold rings are stealing our hearts

Rose gold mixed in with a mokume design? Be still my heart.

reasons why rose gold engagement rings are stealing our hearts

That halo, though.

reasons why rose gold engagement rings are stealing our hearts

This intricate detail is exactly why choosing custom design experts like the ones at Joseph Jewelry is such a safe bet. You can have them go as gorgeously detailed as this or pare it down to your preferred level of bling magic.

reasons why rose gold engagement rings are stealing our hearts
Custom 14K Rose Gold Black Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Okay, but seriously? My biggest obsession ever is officially rose gold + black diamonds. A little bit goth glam, a little bit pink? That's what I'm talking about.

reasons why rose gold engagement rings are stealing our hearts
Custom Rose Gold and Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring
reasons why rose gold engagement rings are stealing our hearts
Custom Cluster Set Diamond And Sapphire Engagement Ring

Are you ready to create your very own rose gold ring or ring set? Or maybe you're loving it but would rather have it in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, whatever? Grab a photo, find some inspiration in your own life, loves, fandoms, interests, books, etc. and get the artists of Joseph Jewelry to bring it to life. And if you're totally not sure? Just head over and start perusing. I guarantee you'll find something to adore.

  1. I don't personally have Rose Gold accessories, however many of my close friends do and just rave about it! They are elegant and timeless, and so unique!

  2. Rose gold is one of my favorite ongoing fashion trends. Not only is it the perfect 2010s alternative to white or yellow gold, it makes everything so shiny and sparkly with only a subtle touch of a rosy hue. Plus, I am a lover of all things pink(ish)!
    For our second wedding anniversary, my husband gave me a simple rose gold wedding band as a stand-in ring only right before the rose gold trend became so widespread. I mainly wear it when I'm working (which is pretty much all the time since my job involves some mild to moderate physical labor), if in the event that my "real" wedding rings get lost or stolen, or even if I'm just too lazy to wear my "real" rings. The band is so dainty and lightweight that it almost feels like I'm not wearing any jewelry on my fingers at all. I still wear the originals for family gatherings or special occasions because they are a little fancier (read: lots of little jewels).

  3. Nowadays Rose gold becomes very trendy. Rose Gold is affordable compared to other metals. Because of Pinkish Red color, it is considered as one of the romantic metal. So most of the people are choosing a rose gold ring for engagement or wedding ceremony.

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