Rings gone adorkable: let's scheme about custom fandom rings with Joseph Jewelry

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Custom fandom engagement rings
Get your geek on with fandom ring ideas!

Check out this recreation of the Ring of Barahir (worn by Aragorn in the movie versions of Lord of the Rings) by our sponsor, Joseph Jewelry! These guys are so totally down with bringing all your custom ring design options to life. We've already talked about some tips for making the design-it-yourself ring process easy-peasy, but I've been scoping out the rings in Joseph Jewelry's custom ring section and have been ultra inspired in a full-on geektastic way. Let's start dreaming about taking existing rings and transforming them into fandom-friendly visions of awesome.


Vintage Filigree Blue Topaz Ring from Joseph Jewelry

This ring called to us to merge it with Arwen's necklace from the Lord of the Rings films. You know, this one. Have the artists at Joseph Jewelry turn that filigree into a symbol of everlasting life love. Ooh, a necklace version exists, too! I sense a theme.

Custom diamond unisex band from Joseph Jewelry

The Legend of Zelda

Take this band, swap the diamonds for triangular yellow sapphires, and you're looking at some subtle Triforce goodness going on here.

Art Deco Style Blue Sapphire Halo and Diamond Engagement Ring from Joseph Jewelry

Star Wars

Tell me this blue sapphire and diamond ring isn't screaming to be turned into R2-D2. Lose the filigree on the sides, add in a couple of rectangular blue sapphires instead, tweak the diamond/sapphire ratio in the circle, and this WILL be the ring you're looking for. Ooh, and here's a wedding band version ripe for the same treatment.

Or even easier, take a sweet little solitaire or wedding band and add some "I love you, I know" engraving.

Mortality Skull Ring from Joseph Jewelry

Harry Potter

Does this ring remind you of those Death Eater masks, or what? You could totally have Joseph Jewelry turn it into one of the masks, the skull from the Dark Mark, or hell, this ring as it is blows me away.

If you're not quite into some He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-inspired styles, maybe have them create a little Deathly Hallows symbol with a stone in the middle or have them engrave "Always" into a band. Oh, Snape, our problematic fave.

Custom Emerald and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring from Joseph Jewelry

Wizard of Oz

This one is already pretty Emerald City as it is, but I think adding in some slim pink trillion rubellites or ruby accents on the side would give just a hint of the poppies in front of the Emerald City.

Custom Blue Sapphire Ring from Joseph Jewelry

Doctor Who

Give the artists at Joseph Jewelry a photo of the TARDIS, add a little engraving to the sides of this bad boy, and allons-y — a timey-wimey ring for your Doctor Who-themed wedding (or just a little nod to your favorite fandom in a more traditional setting).

Joseph Jewelry is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Ready to start your own ring?

Here are Joseph Jewelry's options for conveying your custom ring idea when you've got it all mapped out:

  • Customize any item on their site (like we've been scheming here!)
  • Upload your own drawings or pictures/inspiration you like
  • Explain your idea to them
  • Use their ring builder

Trust me, these artists are pros and will totally translate your needs into an amazing creation. Go lose yourself for an afternoon in their custom tools!

Now it's YOUR turn to tell us all about your dream ring. Are you thinking a golden snitch? Renaissance faire-inspired filigree? Share it in the comments below!

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