Save dough and customize your wedding books and invites with Mixbook

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Wedding photo ablum, invites (and even a special calendar!) all made from Mixbook.

If you're looking for creative ways to rein in your wedding budget, then you're going to want to give a big internet hug ((((hug)))) to our sponsor Mixbook is an online tool that allows you to get creative with your wedding invitations and photo albums, while keeping your wedding budget in check. Here's what you can do with Mixbook:

Wedding stationery

Design your own wedding invitations, save the dates, thank you cards, etc. You can start with one of Mixbook's professionally designed themes, or go the fully DIY route and build a completely custom wedding stationery project from a blank canvas. And their invites start as low as 39 cents!

Guest books

Make yourselves a custom photo guest books. What better way to incorporate your crazy engagement pics, or photo of your fur babies, or random pics of common interests, like your own coffee table photography book. And they start at just $6.99 for a 20-page softcover.

Photo albums

Save a TON of dough on your wedding photography package by making your own custom wedding photo albums. Mixbook's editing software is easy to use, super customizable AND archival quality. BOOM, you just saved a fortune right there.

You can also add photos from your computer OR your favorite photos sharing site. So what are we thinking… rock ‘n' roll wedding invitations? Steampunk guest book? Custom wedding albums for, not just you, but all your parents too? Head over to Mixbook and go crazy!

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Comments on Save dough and customize your wedding books and invites with Mixbook

  1. I can vouch. I did my invitations through Mixbook, and then went back and did our guestbook and thank-you notes. Once we’re married, I’ll likely be doing our photo book through them, too. I couldn’t be happier and their turnaround times are fantastic.

  2. I second that vouch! Easy interface, responsive customer service and quick! I did my invitations and will definitely try them for a book.

  3. I was persuaded by this post and seriously considering using Mixbook. Then I got to the “Enter your details and we’ll add them to the design” page and saw only entries for “Groom-to-be’s name” and “Bride-to-be’s name.” I’m disappointed that they only offered heterosexual pairings as options. For this reason, I don’t plan on using them.

  4. After seeing this post, I made and ordered my Save the Dates! They are amazing looking and have already shipped! I can’t wait to see how they look in print. I found lovely celtic knots and was able to incorporate a goofy photo and a pretty photo and our Han Solo “I know” quote even made it onto the back of the invite under a super cute picture of our shoes. I’m totally jazzed right now. I’ve even passed on their info to my cousin who is getting married and she’s picked out her design. THANK YOU!

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