An explosion of flowers as your wedding backdrop?! Yes please!

Updated Apr 25 2018
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An explosion of flowers as your wedding backdrop?! Yes please!
imagine a backdrop, centerpiece, or decor in YOUR theme!
Backdrops in Floral Art is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
Are you down for a blast of flowers at your ceremony or behind your sweetheart table? Our rad partner, Backdrops in Floral Art, creates custom handmade artificial floral backdrops that add just the right amount of awesome to your ceremony and/or reception. We're talking shaped floral arrangements made to your specifications, in your colors, to match whatever theme you can dream up.

An explosion of flowers as your wedding backdrop?! Yes please!

They're customized to YOU

We're talking letters (your hashtag maybe?!), shapes (hearts! birds! skulls! the Deathly Hallows symbol! with LED lights! pick your poison!), or just a huge bunch of gorgeous flowers that will last forever. You can snag one of these fab displays to match your wedding and then hang it right up on your wall at home.

Here's a little about how committed the artists at Backdrops in Floral Art are to creating your own dream backdrop…

At Backdrops in Floral Art we make sure that they are satisfied at every stage of creation: from photos of the shape once the material is cut, to photos of the general color scheme, and bunches of flowers I will start with, then lastly, the final product before delivery.

Oh, and you totally get a free consultation to make sure they can create what you want. Just reach out and share your ideas or ask to collaborate.

You can also snag small versions (between two and fight feet — or larger if you want!) for centerpieces, dessert/cake tables, etc. Can you imagine these in table number form? My kingdom for little floral numbers on the tables. Or maybe just your initials on your sweetheart table? You name it!

An explosion of flowers as your wedding backdrop?! Yes please!

An explosion of flowers as your wedding backdrop?! Yes please!

Are there any reviews?

Of course! Here's one bride's take…

I recently received my order of backdrop letters for my kids’ rooms from Backdrops in Floral Art and could not be happier! Not only were they in the color palette I requested, but somehow my kids’ personalities were also incorporated into the design. I was asked to give a description of both of my daughters and they delivered! My oldest daughter gasped, “This is so me!” when we opened the package.

These items are also very well made. They withstood my kids running around with them before we put them up in their rooms. The photos do not do justice to the wonderful artistry and texture these backdrops bring to a room. The wait time was not lengthy and the vendor was on point about the process. I never wondered when I would receive my product. I will definitely be making future purchases from here for events to give it a personalized and unique touch. – Mia Downing

An explosion of flowers as your wedding backdrop?! Yes please!

These custom floral backdrops add just the right amount of color and style to those photo ops. Don't forget to snag your photographer to capture some portraits in front of your own backdrop. And mostly, don't forget to let us see what you come up with! Go tell the artists at Backdrops in Floral Art that we sent you and that you're looking for something RAD.

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