Wedding rings don't really come much more custom than these…

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Brent & Jess makes custom wedding bands from your own fingerprints! I love the ones pictured above with the print inside of the ring, it's like keeping one of the things that makes your partner totally unique close to you at all times. Plus it makes a super cool pattern!

The best part is that Brent & Jess actually makes it affordable to have a unique wedding ring. They start at $125 for a narrow custom sterling silver wedding band and go up from there. And if diamonds are your thing, they've got you covered as well.

So if you've been searching for totally unique wedding bands, end your search now by heading on over to their Etsy store and take your pick from their amazing selection of designs.

Comments on Brent & Jess’s unique custom fingerprint wedding rings

  1. Wow, these are amazing! The store has quite a few designs, and they are all really stunning.

  2. Me and the FH have really been struggling with the ring idea. We’ve even been talking maybe forgoing it altogether…but I think you just gave us something we can both get on board with – thanks OBB!

  3. Am I a conspiracy theorist for being worried about someone having my fingerprints?

    • I think if someone was trying collect fingerprints for nefarious/conspiratorial purposes, there would be much MUCH more effective ways than making wedding rings. 🙂

      • Besides, if the gov't wants to put you away for something, they'll just make something up and plant evidence! 🙂

  4. Hahaha Manda I was totally thinking that… but than I realized this guy is well documented for having all these people's prints so if he or someone he knows kills someone and tries to frame me I'll just show the police the reciept, plus he's in Maine…LOL! I hope he just trashes them, I so think this is what we are going to do. If anyone has them please post pictures and a review:)

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that! I love the rings but having my identity stolen once makes me a little nervous. I'm glad to know he's trustworthy!

  5. MandaPants…ohhh, good point. What if years from now the FH goes nuts-o and uses the ring to plant a partial print?? It IS something for the paranoid amoung us to consider. The upside, I’ll have HIS prints too *diabolic laugh*

  6. We destroy the fingerprints! No need to keep them around for more than a week in case of problems with shipping! Thank you for the interest in our fingerprint rinsgs!

  7. I thought you were concerned because your FH would have your fingerprint in his ring. It makes WAY more sense to be worried about the guy making the rings.

  8. This is such a cool thing. If my ring caster could do it, I'd have it done, but I'm going to have to settle for a personal inscription instead. There is another independent ringmaker I was going to work with who does the same thing – she's based in Australia. But her prices were too steep because she only does custom work, which usually starts at $1500 a piece.

    • our work is all completely custom! We make it from your unique finger impression! Affordable and custom! Jess and Brent

      • I understand, but what I'd meant (and I should have clarified this) was that every single design is a customer's idea. She works with them to make their ideas into a tangible piece.

        • She sounds like a great asset to Australia! There is so much talent out there. We are happy to help if people have design ideas they would like to add to their custom ring.

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