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If you're searching for a truly unique wedding band for both you and your partner, definitely check out the Fabuluster rings on Etsy. You might remember them from their first time on OBB — they were the fingerprint rings that got picked up all over the blogosphere. I loved Gizmodo's take on them.

And just how DO they do it? Allow the designer to explain…

I send you my Impression Kit in the mail. Once you receive it, imprint the entire length of your finger and/or your fiancés finger separately. Then you mail that back to me. Once I receive it here in my studio in beautiful coastal Maine, I make a wax form from the impression material. Then utilizing the ancient lost wax casting process, I turn that impression into a metal ring utilizing gold or silver.
Brent Williams Designs

(And for you privacy hounds, YES: they destroy the original impression kit after the rings are made. NO: they aren't interested in stealing your identity for clandestine international espionage.)

Clearly, the fingerprint rings are a really cool alternative to plain bands, but even cooler… they can fit into any budget — ranging from $45 to $550. So head over to their Etsy shop and start customizing your own rings!

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  1. My first thought…"clandestine international espionage". Thank you for easing my mind!! I really do watch too many movies! These are pretty awesome, once you get over the fear of world domination!

  2. Last time you advertised Fabuluster I showed the rings to my boyfriend and he loved them! He wants to do these for our bands and I am cool with that. Now we just have to settle on an engagement ring. It is making me so stressed…

  3. um… every time i go on Etsy, i oogle these rings! Heavily concidering them but not sure yet.

  4. if you're considering them go for it…. we have had our fingerprint rings for a few years now…sorry fabuluster not from you… we had them made here in the UK by the designer of our engagement bangles, it was a much more complicated process then as we & she had no idea how to do it! But we got there…. wish you'd been around then/we'd known about you it might not have been so much effort! Having said that, the process was part of what made them special…. but anyway anyone who's considering these rings…. you should so go for it…. we get so many comments about our unusual rings! Lots of happy/whistful tears, goosebumps and 'how lovely' 'they're so you' are just some of them. Best bit? I'll always have a very 'real' bit of my love with me forever!

  5. Just saw something from this seller on the front page of Etsy the other day… and now here?? Awesome! I'm already married, but think I am ordering the heart thumbprint necklace for v-day, just have to convince my husband 🙂

  6. I like the fingerprint wedding band. But if you lose it, do you have to worry about identity theft? Just kidding!!!

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