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Is there something in the water in Seattle that makes every one of their residents so damn talented!? Our newest Seattle-based sponsor is Serephine. Serephine's designer Erin handcrafts these mind-blowingly amazing wedding hair acccessories and veils. Her stuff is simply stunning and you're going to LOVE everything about Serephine.

So, let's start with this one — it's called The Caroline, but I like to call it “Don't you wish your headpiece was hot like me?” A lot of Serephine's headpieces involve bursts of funky color alongside romantic details of feathers, bling and tulle. She also does custom work, but we'll get to that later.

Let's look at more amazing pieces…

[As always, click on the photos to learn more about each peice.]

The Vesper, made of goose and ostrich feathers, one peacock eye feather, and a vintage or vintage-inspired rhinestone jewel center, is SURE to be a hit with you guys. The great thing about this piece is you can wear it to your wedding… and then every event thereafter! (I know I would.) Serephine's catalog ranges from the beautifully simple, such as The Vesper, to the equally beautifully ornate, like zees…

The Aster with it's three organza blooms accented with ostrich and coque feathers, over a pouf of French veiling and is a stunning statement piece.

Guess what's also flexible about Serephine? The prices! Serephine's fascinators range from $25 to $250 (like The Elenor pictured above).

But my favorite part are the names — you just might find a piece named after YOU. The one pictured above is called The Sabine, one of my favorite names. Of course my eye immediately went to a fascinator that just happened to be named, you guessed it, The Megan. Kismet in action.

Though, to be SURE to get one named after you, you could always call in a custom order. This next one is called The Maureen and was custom-made for a local Seattle bride. Erin tells us that the bride's wearing a short, white, Betsey Johnson dress with black polka dots, red peep-toe pumps, and a black lace shrug. Her request: create something to compliment that. Erin worked closely with the bride on her vision, and once it was finished, she even hand-delivered it to her.

All hail The Sara — the headpiece to end all headpieces!

And so ends our little tour-de-Serephine. But there is SO MUCH MOAR to see! Clicky clicky and take your own private tour — you might just find one with your name on it… literally.

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