Customizable other-worldly wedding gowns from Zizzyfay Bridal

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Oh man, it's an awesome week for wedding dresses on OBB. I now bring you our newest sponsor, Zizzyfay Bridal, here to meet all your faery wedding fashion needs. Elegant, affordable and ethically-made, Zizzyfay's wedding dresses are made up of customizable elements that can be combined in so many different ways so you can create a dress that's a perfect fit for your fantastical fairy dreams.

These examples are totally blowing my mind…

It's no surprise that these designs are all inspired by nature and Fairy tales. From quartz crystal embellishments to 100% raw silk in blood reds and bright whites and every color in betweenZizzyfay‘s bridal and hand-fasting gowns are amazingly etherial and totally other-worldy in a way that makes my brain-parts woozy.

The best part about Zizzyfay's dresses is that they can be completely customized to suit your particular aesthetic. You can pick out your favorite style elements, for example…

And if you don't feel like customizing your own dress, Zizzyfay also has wedding gowns that have already been fabulously designed. The prices range from £240 (around $370 US) to £400 ($615ish US) for a full wedding dress and their sizes range from XS to XXL.

And yes, they may be one of our UK vendors (the few the proud) but Zizzyfay ships wordwide! And thank god for that… no one need miss out on these gorgeous creations. Head over to Zizzyfay Bridal and get your hands on one of these mind-blowing wedding gowns and make everyone's brain-parts go woozy.

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  1. I happy-squeaked when I saw the fantabulous ZizzyFay as a new sponsor!
    I haven’t used the bridal line (yet) but I have a snuggletastic hoodie from their ‘Unfurled’ line, and I’m saving up for some faegarb for Renfaires/Faerie Festivals from their normal line.

  2. I love this! And its awesome that they are willing to send out a dress for you to try on for a small fee. I’m tempted to at least buy a corset or bolaro once it gets closer to my wedding.

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