Faerie Brides makes custom faerie wedding gowns straight from your imagination

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Sometimes we give a big ol’ Offbeat Bride hug to sponsors that make make all the Empire gals collectively squee. Katherine Feiel, the lead designer of Faerie Brides, is one such sponsor.

Faerie Brides creates bespoke wedding gowns — specializing in fantasy, fairytale, Celtic, Medieval, Renaissance, vintage, and faerie wedding gowns. She also makes completely custom designs, so the squee-worthy dress possibilities are endless. And she offers some ridiculously great personal service — working with each bride personally, offering individual measurement sessions, telephone consultations, design and fabric options, and worldwide shipping. Custom faerie dresses for ALL!

Let’s look at just a few of her amazing wedding dress styles, and hear about the special freebies she’s offering Offbeat Brides.

When we say custom dresses right from your imagination, we mean it. For example, her client Christina wanted a fantasy gown of sky-blue silk and a hooded velvet cape. Katherine’s response: “Not a problem!” And the Christina gown was born, along with an dreamy matching cloak.

Think the Rosebud gown looks amazing from the front? You should see the view of the back — just amazing.

Speaking of the backs of dresses, how dreamy is this Rose dress? You know what is also dreamy? Fun freebies:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Faerie Brides is offering a complimentary lacy ring pillow and wedding pouch (matching your gown, of course!) for any Offbeat Brides that mention this post.

Katherine also makes amazing gowns under her own name at Katherinefeiel.com. My favorite of favorites from that collection is this Gilded Lilly dress. So if you have some time and don’t mind a little swoon-age (possibly some drool on your computer keys), peruse the rest of Faerie Bride’s styles. OR just go ahead and contact Katherine Feiel about having your custom dream gown sewn.

Comments on Faerie Brides makes custom faerie wedding gowns straight from your imagination

  1. These dresses are too beautiful! finally some wedding dresses with a bit of colour to them that look like wedding dresses!

  2. Oh man, I thought I would never be able to like another wedding dress after I got mine made, because mine was awesomely amazing. But these? Make me want to buy them alllll

  3. I just have to say. I never thought I would find a dress I liked that looked exactly what I had in my head. That Gilded Lily dress….it is EXACTLY what I had envisioned. EXACTLY. I almost peed my pants. I emailed Katherine and she said she could make it in blue for me. PERFECT. I just…wow. I’m not even actually getting married for another couple years and I want to order it NOW.

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