I need to talk about my custom “something blue” Victorian Boots

Guest post by Caitlin Cooke
 | Photography by Samantha B. Studio
Custom Etsy boots for my "something blue" shoes
Photo by Samantha B. Studio. Boots from here.

When plain blue boots aren't going to cut it because you need those absolutely perfect boots you saw online somewhere, it's time to go looking for your “fairy godvendor” on Etsy so they can make custom boots for you.

I was inspired by these Victorian boots:

Custom Etsy boots for my "something blue" shoes

There's really nothing quite like it when someone is willing to go out of their way to make you the perfect pair of blue Victorian boots for your special day. My wedding's custom Etsy boots (seen on Offbeat Bride here!) were made by the owner of Victorianboots on Etsy.

The fabric was carefully searched for, selected, and shipped all the way to Romania so that she could turn them into these glorious shoes. (Note, if you're shipping to Romania from somewhere that's not Romania, absolutely ask someone from the post office to help you. The formatting is quite confusing!)

Then sit back, wait longer than they told you for the shipment to arrive, discover that the tracking number they gave you is useless, give up all hope that it will ever get there, and then weep big salty tears when it finally does make it there at the last minute.

Custom Etsy boots for my "something blue" shoes

Presto. One-of-a-kind wedding boots. 

But there are so many custom Etsy boots available…

Click the photos to see…

Cobalt blue boots


The brocade on these custom boots!

And I'm obsessed with these… maybe I should get them for the honeymoon??


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