More dreamy bridal headdress magic from The Plumed Serpent

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I remember, years ago, when Ariel first introduced us to The Plumed Serpent. I had just started as an intern for Offbeat Bride, and when I saw that post I thought, “I totally work for the best website EVAR.”

Where else would I be introduced the concept of custom headpieces made with feathers, horns, and vintage furs, combined with gorgeous vintage jewelry as bridal wear?

Since then, I haven't been able to get The Plumed Serpents' dreamy headpieces out of my mind. So I about lost it when I saw this Offbeat Bride rock one on her wedding day. And now I'm even more excited because I get to show you MORE works of head art from Daniella White, the crafty maven behind the headdresses.

Click on any photo to learn more about each amazing piece:

This one would be PERFECT for spring and summer brides.
OMFG, someone get married on a beach and wear this one!
My favorite pieces are the ones that get really fantastical and other-worldly. Especially if they have antlers.

Speaking of headdresses with antlers… Ariel is lucky enough to own a Plumed Serpent masterpiece. She hangs it up on her living room wall, where it mocks me with its amazingness every time I see it. And it's also not surprising to me that these pieces look just as good as a work of 3D art as they do as fashion statement.

I want to see something like this on a bride with a black dress in a dark and gothic setting.

And guys, The Plumed Serpent does custom orders — imagine the amazing veil alternative you could be sporting on your wedding day? And then imagine our faces light up when we get to profile that wedding.

The Plumed Serpents all white headpieces, like the one pictured here and this one, would fit into ANY wedding scheme.

Oh, and there's also a discount!:

The Plumed Serpent is offering a 10% discount for anyone who mentions that you saw her on Offbeat Bride!

While Plumed Serpent does tons of custom work, she also has several ready-to-wear headpieces — including some on sale!! So make all of our New Year's wishes come true and treat yourself to a Plumed Serpent headpiece!

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  1. I feel so special to have Plumed Serpent working on my wedding headpiece right now! She is FANTASTIC to work with and is even using my Grandmother’s Juliette cap as inspiration/part of the piece. I highly recommend her to any bride who wants an alternative to a veil!!

  2. Dunno about the one with antlers, but damn if I wouldn’t take that the sparkly spandex body suit she’s wearing!

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