VAIN shares wedding hairstyles for girls with wavy curls

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After giving some love to naturally kinky hair, we got calls for help from readers with less-coarse-but-still-curly hair. We reached out to one of our favorite salons to give us some solutions. Seattle-based VAIN hair and makeup stylists Emily and Belinda formed a tag team to tackle some looks (plus complementary makeup looks!) for curly- and wavy-haired brides. They offered up a couple of awesome beach-y looks and a dramatic wave-embracing updo.

Thanks to VAIN hair stylist Emily and makeup artist (and waxer, threader, and awesome giver of facials!) Belinda for offering these gorgeous styles for us to ogle. If you're in the Seattle area, check out one of their three locations and get your purty on! And if you're blessed with natural curls or waves, how will you be handling them for your wedding?

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Comments on VAIN shares wedding hairstyles for girls with wavy curls

  1. i’ve been growing my thick curly red hair out for years, it’s almost at the bottom of my breasts now and will probably be down to my waist by the time the wedding comes. my plan is to work with my natural texture as much as possible, i’ll wear it down with just the front inch of my hair twisted back away from my face, and i’ll braid up any frizzy sections or curl them with a curling iron the same size as my natural curls.

    • try a razor cut to eliminate the frizzies without much lenght loss. it lets the curls be themselves and looks gorgeous hanging down your back. im wearing just 3 litle cornrow braids across my crown and the rest of my red hair will probably be the talk of my renaiisance celtic reconstructionist handfsting!

  2. This is so exciting! I just booked my hair and makeup at Vain with Sarah and Belinda! I haven’t been there, but now I’m more excited than before… and I don’t even have curly hair!

  3. I thought I wanted to grow my fringe out for the wedding but that dark haired girl has totally made me question my plans. I want that style now! uh oh 🙁

  4. I grew my hair out from a short style before my wedding…the bottom layer was only about to the middle of my neck. My hair gets curlier as it gets longer (for some ridiculous reason). About 3 months before the wedding I found a salon in my town that specializes in curly hair and it made a huge difference in having gorgeous hair for my wedding. My hair was too short for one of these beautiful up-do’s, but I wore it down with one side pulled back by a beautiful comb that had feathers and flowers on it. Having had super short hair for years, I got a lot of complimentary on the curls. Don’t be afraid to rock the curly hair!

  5. Love this post, they say curls are just all that awesome trying to get out! I met my man and immediately started growing my hair out, because even though it is an expensive pain in the ass, I want long curly hair at my wedding, and I knew he was the one. This is the first time in my life I’ve truly embraced my curls, they’re thick thick thick, coarse as all get out, and pretty much crazy, but I love it! I’ll be wearing it down and curly, maybe with a bohemian/hippie braid style. I’m keeping my hair decoration a secret 😉

  6. Lovely! Must say, though, my hair is actually naturally frizzy – but otherwise I’m lucky, it usually does what I want it to do, lol!
    I’m also going to go with curls for my wedding… 🙂

  7. I was *just* searching for something like this the other day. I needed some ideas on what to do with my long curly hair on my graduation day. Those caps are most certainly not the prettiest things. If I wear it all down, it’s gonna look poufy and weird! Thanks for the pictures!

  8. Thank you so much for the post about curly hair. My hair is a dark auburn and extremely curly and a bit frizzy. I’ve also been letting it grow back out after cutting 15 inches off about 1 1/2 years ago. I want to wear it down and curly, but will be touching up the curls and frizzy parts with a curling iron. I’m wearing a sash/headband with lovely rhinestones, and a one tier waist length veil behind that. A few curls will be loose in the front, sort of like bangs, and then a little of the front will be pulled back by the sash/headband so that the bulk of it will be swept away from my face but the length will be down and loose. I love the curly updo’s, I just don’t look good with my hair pulled up like that.

  9. Gorgeous!! Oh, how I love curly hair – I think curls and waves are so glamorous and make the prettiest updos.

    But I have stick straight hair that won’t hold a curl! When do we get a post on sexy styles? 😉

  10. I’m a hairstylist, and I just wanted to throw in my two cents for any curly girls doing their own updos- skip the hairspray! It tends to frizz out what would otherwise be a beautiful curly updo. Just prep your curls with your normal styling routine before you start pinning.

    • I am the hairstylist that did these styles and I used some hairspray in order to accomplish LESS frizz. I can’t give away all my secrets, but let it be known it is not always a culprit.

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