Crystal’s pom-poms and stick centerpieces

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img_9555.jpgAre you looking this picture and thinking to yourself, “Self, I want to know more about those awesome colorful pom-poms and non-froofy centerpieces”?

img_9928.jpgWell, thanks to a wonderful comment to my old non-floral centerpieces post, I happen to have a link to Crystal's page full of photos of these here pom-poms and stick centerpieces. Oh, and when I asked Crystal about making the pom-poms, she admitted they were from Martha. But what *I* want to know is whether Martha intended the pom-poms to be abused in such wonderful ways.

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  1. procession
    We used the pompoms also, but hung them between trees with white christmas lights – it made the back yard feel like less of .. well, a back yard, ha!
    Super easy to make (we made most of ours the night before at our prewedding party) and the extras are hanging in our daughter’s play room.

  2. Well, what did I see when I turned to page 18 of the Everett Herald’s 2008 Wedding guide? Congrats on being featured! I think this will help a lot couples realize that it’s okay to do it their way.

  3. Awesome idea. I also want to go the non-flowers route but as we’re going for an americana wedding I was thinking something based around oil lamps? Might ask some advice from the bride tribe

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