What bridal magazines can do to ANYONE

Updated Oct 12 2015

How does this video only have 75 views? We don't normally share sketch videos, but this one is about about how, sometimes, you can get surprised by who gets sentimental over wedding planning…

Give this video from The Crooked Rooks two minutes, and behold the full-frontal mind-fuck that bridal magazines can pull on ANYONE.

Oh and thanks to Mallie for submitting this to us. She says, "This sketch reminds me of my best friend and her fiance who are getting married in March! To Jessie and Graham!" Here's to Jessie and Graham, and what we hope will be a magical fairy mermaid grotto…

  1. Oh, my sweet niblets! Just when I was on the verge of tears (the sad kind) due to family-spun wedding drama I watched THIS! Hahahahaha. Laughing tears! Yay!

  2. Also I hope LIKE BURNING that the young woman in the video is dating all of those guys, and they are all dating each other, and that they figure out a way to have a beautiful intimate barn wedding with a underwater grotto kingdom and a color scheme that flatters everyone involved.

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