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Updated Oct 12 2015
Me 'n' Andreas on CNN
Double big news: Offbeat Bride was on the homepage of and we just launched our Offbeat Vendors Guide!

We'll talk more about vendors next week, but in the meantime — yay, CNN! The article, titled "Brides buck tradition and ditch the white dress" won't be breaking news for most Offbeat Bride readers … but it's still nice to see the mainstream media take notice of nontraditional wedding trends.

So go read the article, but promise me you won't bother with the comments. Never, ever read with the comments on mainstream media articles about weird weddings. They always suck. That said, it's funny to see commenters talking about how, based on Ariel's wedding dress, her marriage is doomed. The article never mentions the fact that Ariel's wedding was way back in 2004, so commenters don't know that she celebrated her sixth anniversary this summer. HA!

  1. That was so exciting to be doing my normal morning news reading, and then suddenly "OMG OMG OMG It's Ariel!"

  2. I love that photo and congrats on 6 years of marriage! And congrats on CNN!

    The comments are more flabbergasting than rage inducing for me; I just wonder if those people have taken the time to actually *think* about what they just wrote. A dress, no matter how amazing or expensive or alternative, is still just an article of clothing!

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