We wrote and recorded a song to announce our COVID-delayed wedding

Updated Feb 6 2021
Guest post by Erinn Webb
Still from Erinn & Chris' covid-delayed wedding announcement music video

My partner and I were supposed to get married in June… but because of Coronavirus we had to move our date to 2021. In May, we wrote, recorded, and filmed the song together as a little project to help us feel better.

A little bit about us: My partner Chris is nonbinary (they/them) and I am a queer cis woman (she/her), and we've been together for 6 and a half years. Our original wedding date was June 27th, 2020, and our new date is July 3rd, 2021. We live together in Milford, CT, but my partner is from Connecticut, and I'm from Alberta, Canada. We rescheduled for the obvious reasons related to COVID-19, but also because my parents and family all live in Canada, and the border was closed.

We're planning to get married in Manlius, NY, and all our vendors have been very understanding of the situation, and simply moved our dates for us when we asked.

We wrote this song to announce the change to our friends and family because we felt that we needed to express our grief in a creative way… to transcend the sadness of the situation.


Waiting ‘til July

I love you my darling
And I’m glad you’re here with me
I will promise you forever
Someday, whene’er it be

So I’ll cross my fingers
And knock on wood
I will hold my breath
For the greater good

I’ll ride all of this out
Take it in stride
And hope we’ll see each other
on the other side

And to all our friends and family
You have all been on our minds
Rest assured we won’t do this without you
So for now we’ll bide our time

So take out an eraser
or draw a line
Through that date in June
And move it to July

No, not this year
Hopefully next
We will take our chances
And hope for the best

So cross your fingers
And knock on wood
Just hold your breath
For the greater good

We’ll ride all of this out
Take it in stride
And hope we see each other
on the other side

So we’ll cross our fingers
And knock on wood
We’ll hold our breath
For the greater good

We’ll ride all of this out
Take it in stride
And hope we see each other
on the other side

When we all can be together
And you will be my bride

It's been a difficult thing to deal with, but we're so glad we got to share this video with our friends and family to help us move through the feelings.

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