is the communication app that can help you plan your wedding and kiss each other from miles away

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Wanna hear about something freaking adorable? Our new sponsor is a free, private messaging app for, well, couples on iOS, Android, and desktops! It's basically an intimate communication channel for just two people (think: the opposite of Facebook), which incorporates features like a shared calendar, to-do lists, venue/restaurant search, location sharing, and live interactions (including one of the cutest ways virtually "kiss" I've ever seen).

Besides using Couple to be adorable with each other, you and your partner may need this baby to help make wedding planning a breeze…


Use one app for all your communication needs

Whether you live together or you're planning your wedding miles apart, Couple can help you communicate like you're in the same room. Couple can also help you creatively express yourself. Then you can access your shared timeline anytime, anywhere, on web or mobile. Which means, unlike using texting, video chats, email, and Facebook, you'll have all that on ONE app with an easy-access timeline in case you need a memory refresher. What was her opinion on fondant again? Oh yeah.



Plan your daily life and your wedding together

Couple can help you:

  • Find your future wedding site with their venue search
  • Create to-do lists and cross off tasks once they're completed
  • Send photos — "Do you like this tie?" "What about this for our Rice Krispie cake toppers?"
  • Sync up a shared calendar — Cake tasting at 12pm tomorrow!
  • Find restaurants nearby for when you need a wedding talk vacation/date night


Get touchy-feely and artsy-fartsy

Now, for the cutest freaking part of the Couple app. You can interact in real-time with their Thumbkiss feature. You can see where your partner is touching his screen, and when you touch their fingerprint the phone vibrates and lights up. So. Effing. Sweet. Or you can use their Live Sketch feature to draw together in real time. The future!


So who's getting their partner to download the Couple app today? Come on, you know you can't wait to thumb kiss and draw together. Go ahead and give it a whirl!

  1. I really like this idea! My partner and I often have to do long distance for extensive amounts of time. This seems like it could be a cute (and useful) addition to our staying in touch arsenal (mostly coz I love the thumb kissing idea!)

    • My husband and I were long distance prior to our wedding (and for a little after). The app is honestly awesome for LDRs and we used it all the time. Thumbkisses aren't the same, but they still made me happy when I wanted that extra connection.

    • Me again…yeah. WAS a cool idea. Until I realized it's been a pretty one sided. So much for him joining in.

  2. Oh wow. I have needed this for months now. We only have a month left of being a long distance couple and I might still get this even though we're in the home stretch.

  3. My partner and I used this app when we were long distance (Canada – Australia) for 12 months. It was super cute and made for some affordable texting, too!

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