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So you're planning a summer wedding, or a destination wedding, or you're just into comfortable, natural fabrics and don't want to feel suffocated in a sheath of polyester blends and scratchy tulle?

Enter The Cotton Bride, a contemporary couture bridal collection from designer Chris Kole.

Now, if you're thinking cotton wedding dress = semi hippie and probably like what you'd wear to a picnic, then you haven't seen these modern gowns, which are just as sophisticated as anything you've seen in organza. I mean, I'm all for lovely hippie dresses, but this gown would be just as fitting at a beach wedding as it would be on the lawn of a fancy-ass B&B.

I've included a few shots of The Cotton Bride‘s collection below, but you can see lots more cotton wedding dresses on their website.

The collection leans towards a modern aesthetic, and although many of the dresses are long and elegant, there are a few shorter, sassier styles available as well:

Their comfortable wedding dresses run the gamut from feather-light gowns with gathered skirts to the breezier, less constructed styles.

Designer Chris Kole has made a commitment to eco-wedding dresses, explaining that “In our new collection, I replaced all the crinoline petticoats with petticoats made out of 100% natural cotton organdy. I have also started to use some organic cotton which is very exciting.”

So, destination brides, summer brides, eco-brides, and just brides who don't want to be itching and uncomfortable on their summer wedding days, get thee to!

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Comments on Cotton wedding dresses

  1. I looked at the whole 2009 collection, absolutely stunning! There are many choices and styles, something flattering for every shape. What sizes do they go up to and what is the price range, do you know? I probably could find it on their site I suppose 😉

  2. Re: Mandi’s comment…the website says that their dresses start around $1800.00!

    I loved The Cotton Bride when I first came across their website, but quickly had my hopes dashed when I read the FAQ…but at least it’s a great source for inspiration!

  3. Well, if I choose to go this route, I would probably just make something or have a fellow Etsian help me out. Definitely great for inspiration!

  4. Once again, I am wondering how soon after getting married I can begin to plan a second wedding…

  5. When I saw this, literally, I went “AAAAAHHHHHHH!” Like a beacon of light had shone through the clouds or something. If my FSIL hadn’t already made my super amazing dress (and had a metric butt load of cash to spend), I would get one of these.

  6. I’ve been planning a cotton 50s style party dress since the beginning, hopefully I can have it made cheaper than $1800 – but definitely great to see how much can be done with cotton!

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