10 COVID wedding postponement announcement wording ideas (funny, classy, and cute!)

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Covid wedding postponement announcements by MarriedAFclub

So you've made the decision to postpone your wedding because of Coronavirus.

First off: we are so fucking sorry this is happening to you. The effects of the coronavirus crisis have been devastating on so many levels that it's hard to know where to start. All you can do is wake up every morning deeply grateful for your health and the health of your loved ones, even as you may cry yourself to sleep every night as you watch your plans crumble.

Second off, if you're looking for a wedding postponement announcement template, we've got a few wording ideas and templates for you… some of these are funny, some of them are more reserved…

Roll With It COVID wedding postponement announcement template from Etsy seller PalmPaperieDIY
Cute BRB wedding postponement announcement from GreenEnvelope
Wedding postponement announcement by MarriedAF

Meet Us In Miami Change The Date Cards from Minted

Heavy metal change the date cards available from Peach Wolfe Paper Co.


Destination wedding postponement cards from Etsy seller JP Stationery
These super cute cards from Etsy seller NotBoringStationery feature a little quarantined couple that can be completely customized to look like you and your partner! (And yes, they can customize it to be same-sex couples, too!)


Unsave the date cards from Etsy seller Peach Wolfe Paper Co


Printable quarantine wedding postponement cards available for instant download from Etsy seller The Wild Petrova

Things are tough all over, so even if you can't afford them… at the very least, you can borrow these wording ideas for your own COVID-19 wedding postponement announcements.

Most of all, just big love to all you navigating the shitshow of wedding planning during a global pandemic.

Need more COVID-19 wedding invitation wording ideas?

We've got copy ‘n' paste wording suggestions for your wedding website, emails to family, and more…

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  1. Are there any cards to univite people after they’ve received a “Save the Date” before Covid happened? Our wedding was going to be 190 people (indoors) and now we can only have 100 people (outdoors)? Can’t find any cards to help me with this!!!

  2. OK, so hear me out…we (thankfully) will still be able to hold our daughter’s wedding later this year, BUT, out of an abundance of caution, we’ve decided to cancel her bridal shower. Numbers are continuing to drastically drop in our area but we don’t think people are ready to chance it just yet. She was so looking forward to it. She’s had to make lots of concessions and I really want to give her this. We would only be inviting about 20 people for a sort of dark romance, boozy, tea party. I want to do it after the wedding. She’s worried that it’d be weird or that people would think she just wants more gifts. But really, this year has been so crazy, who cares is what I say! Thoughts? Invitation wording ideas?

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