Coronavirus canceled her wedding, but couldn’t stop this bride’s retro bridal shoot!

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All photos by Paul O’Connell

Couple Jamie Von Stratton and Chad Larsen of Seattle were all set to have their dream destination wedding later this month, when they had to cancel due to the COVID19 pandemic.

“We’ve been planning for months. Over 60 guests (many of whom are performers and artists) were to fly to Mexico and celebrate with us. Canceling our wedding was the right thing to do, but we’re really disappointed. I know we’re not the only couple having to make this decision.”

When it became clear that canceling the wedding was inevitable, an idea was hatched to organize a photoshoot so the bride and her bridal party could still celebrate. They called upon their friend Ben DeLaCreme who has a stunning and impeccably-decorated home. Some of you may know Ben from RuPaul’s Drag Race, or his critically acclaimed solo show Ready To Be Committed.

Ben DeLaCreme's place was the perfect setting for these retro-inspired looks…

Jamie, a costume designer who's work we've featured several times on Offbeat Bride, had been planning her wedding dress look for years.

“I have a vintage emerald green dress (worn in these photos by my Maid of Honor, Ruby Mimosa) that was the inspiration for my dress. It’s always been one of my most treasured pieces and has been worn by friends over the years. Everyone who wears it has epic fun, so of course it was going to be the inspiration for my wedding dress.”

Jamie explains, “We did this shoot was on March 15th in the early afternoon, hours before Seattle's bar and restaurant closure issue was ordered, before six feet of social distancing was recommended, and before shelter-in-place was mandatory. Remember when meeting up at a friend's house was still a thing? Even then, we didn’t even share hugs — we had an elbow bump moment though!”

“I was so thrilled this worked out. It was a chance for us to find a silver lining. I’m excited to share these images with my fiance and guests. At least we’ll have a happy take-away from a wedding that never happened…”

Will Jamie and Chad reschedule their wedding? Jamie says, “I’m sure we will, but by the time we do I’ll probably want to make an entirely different dress!”

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  1. So adorbs. Go Jamie. I had to call off my May 2 wedding…obviously it had to be done, but it’s deflating after all the energy and finances put into planning. It’s nice that you have these pictures to enjoy

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