Contender for “hottest groom in a kilt” award

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Lots of grooms look great in kilts, but there's just something about Miroslava's groom Kevin that's extra hot.

Is it the jacket? Is it the boots? Is it the hair? Or wait, is that kilt leather?! Regardless, Kevin's taking “sexy kilt” to a whole new level.

Don't get me wrong: Miroslava herself is positively dripping teh secksay in that bright red dress. But I'm used to seeing sexy brides. Grooms, for better or for worse, usually have to settle for “dignified” or “handsome.” Not this one!

You can see lots more about this Cannon Beach, OR, wedding on over on Flickr.

PS: I find that these photos are best enjoyed while listening to Kevin's music.

One more Kevin-in-a-kilt shot below.

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Comments on Contender for “hottest groom in a kilt” award

  1. I vote yes, sexiest man in kilt… although I would love to see some more of the competition…

  2. can I say a serious RARRRRRRRR at the both of them.

    what an attractive and stylish couple

  3. If it’s past the knee, it’s not a kilt, just a leather skirt… not as hot as a *real* kilt, sorry!

  4. Cannon Beach! That’s where my husband and I got engaged (at the base of Haystack Rock!)!! How wonderful!

  5. Squee! I think he’s totally rawkin’! Definitely the hottest man EVAR in a kilt!

  6. Thanks again!

    The dress for anyone interested is by Maggie Sottero and the model name is Fiorenza.

    And well, we clearly were not going for authentic Scottish tradition. We just wanted him to look hot, and fun. Hell, we called the thing a skirt half the time and a skilt the rest of the time! Life’s too short to take things seriously all the time! 😀

    BTW, lots more pictures on the flickr stream!

  7. Thanks Melissa! i can’t see the photos as sadly I’m not a forum member… I could sign up, but since I’m not quite getting married yet that might be taking my lameness a step too far. (Yes, I like looking at a wedding blog anyway… What of it?! ;))

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